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Centuria NZ Healthcare Property Fund

β€’ The portfolio of 23 aged care properties provide geographic diversification and exposure to both metropolitan areas and regional areas catering to local demand where bed shortages are expected to occur.

β€’ Annual rental growth built in, linked to CPI, offsetting inflation pressure, subject to a 4% per annum cap.

β€’ Strong tenant and sector - Heritage Lifecare is one of NZ's leading and largest aged care operators in a sector seeing strong and increasing demand with NZ's rapidly aging population. The sector also has high levels of recurring Government funding (estimated at 53% directly from the Government and an additional approximately 24% funded indirectly via residents' pensions).

β€’ Portfolio of significant size and scale with a total valuation of $194.9 million*, an increase from the total purchase price of $192.2 million, with this increase directly benefiting investors.

β€’ PIE structure providing taxation benefits.

β€’ Intention to grow over time and increase diversification via strategically selected healthcare related real estate acquisitions.

β€’ Initial 5% p.a after-tax forecast cash distribution paid monthly**.

β€’ Minimum $10,000 investment open to all in New Zealand.

β€’ Offer fully underwritten.

For more information including a Product Disclosure Statement, video or webinar details, please contact the selling agents or visit the website centuriahealthcare.co.nz.

*Valuation as at 22 December 2021.

**5% p.a. forecast pre-tax and after-tax cash distribution for the Financial periods ending 31 March 2023 and 31 March 2024. Details of how the forecast cash distribution is calculated and the risks associated with this investment can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement. Forecast after-tax distributions only take into account New Zealand income tax. The pre-tax and after-tax cash distributions are not guaranteed and may change in the future.

Centuria NZ Healthcare Property Fund Limited is the issuer of the shares to be issued under the offer to which this advertisement relates.