Forget me not

4 Lannan Road, Surfdale

Asking Price NZD $475,000

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Forget me not

February 1974. Two, young men playing cards at the then, Onetangi Pub start to talk about buying their first properties. Overhearing, a gentleman approaches and offers the men the chance of a lifetime. He'd be happy to sell his property for cash so he could sail around the world.

Weeks later the deal was done, 4 Lannan Road changed hands and began it's new life as a Bach. Twenty, wonderful years were spent hosting fun family holidays as children walked to and from the beach covered in sand. If the walls could talk they'd recount the disco beats of the 70's, the punk days of 80's rock and then the Pop of the 90's.

Eventually the children grew to be adults, had children of their own and focuses changed. The door at 4 Lannan Road was locked for the last time and the home became forgotten.

It has been 18 years since the Owner last enjoyed the Sea Views and sunny section in Surfdale. Whether you're looking for a flicker, a forever home or a section to build. 4 Lannan Road offers a world of adventure and is ready to be unlocked once again.

* Please note this property does not have a bathroom.