Artificial Flower Hire

Tauranga and Bay of Plenty

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Artificial Flower Hire

- Business: Artificial flower hire

- Imagination: Open mind and free spirit

- Market: Professionals - Huge growth potential

- Profitable : Consistent and reliable cash flow and profits

- Hours: Flexible hours

- Price: All reasonable offers considered

- Information: Request further information from the sole marketing agents

Do you have a passion for flowers but don't like the stress of fresh flowers - long, sometimes difficult hours, ordering, unsold stock and wastage?

Artificial flowers are the realistic way of cutting through all the problems of fresh flowers but supplying your client something that has everything fresh flowers do but with a much longer shelf life.

Spend a day a week in the design studio and a day or two a week on the road delivering your work to all your regular clients that love you bringing a new design full of colour into their work space.

Great profits with fewer hours, no stress, little waste and the flowers remain yours and are reusable many, many times unlike Florists.

Hours are such that you have plenty of time to yourself and take huge job satisfaction at seeing what you can create for your clients.

An outstanding opportunity to purchase a hugely rewarding and profitable artificial flower hire business and the continuation of the great relationships with existing clients.

With the commercial growth in the Bay of Plenty it's a perfect time to earn good money with the potential to earn great money if you want to.

This could all be yours - why not ask for more details, you won't be disappointed!

The current owner was a florist before purchasing this business some four years ago and has seen the huge opportunity to think outside the square but still maintaining a love for design and presentation. The owner is reluctant to sell, however her growing family is the number one priority.

The owner will offer full support during the takeover period.