Land options galore in peaceful Ohiwa

239 Ohiwa Beach Road, Whakatane

Asking Price NZD $1,300,000

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Land options galore in peaceful Ohiwa | 239 Ohiwa Beach Road, Whakatane | 2304198 |      X Close

Land options galore in peaceful Ohiwa

Landbank opportunities including but not limited to 11.9400 hectares - further subdivision available and a stand alone 2929m² section. All lots are subject to final survey.

This is what dreams are made of. Life in sunny Ohiwa has been described by locals as the best climate and soil types in New Zealand, a place where everything grows without parallel, including the human soul. Believe us, it pays not to argue with the locals, they mean what they say. The large 11.9400 hectare block (soon to be 10.5672 hectares) has all but had subdivision of a pristine 9468m² section with uninterrupted panoramic views completed and title is imminent.

There is also more subdivision potential, a further four possible titles, each of which have magnificent views incorporating rural and bush vistas, as well as harbour and seascapes. To see is to believe, this land which could grow avocado, tamarillo or any number of sub tropical fruit varieties sits proudly over an ocean panorama dotted with islands and jutting landmasses into her blue depths. The coastline drifts east to the cape and the spiritual mountain of Hikurangi, these visible land forms make this property a remarkable find.

The property has good access to a modest dwelling that deserves to be replaced with a more in keeping home on a forever property. This property is distinguished in nature, only genuine enquiry requested.

239 Ohiwa Beach Road - 2304198 - Lot 1 9468m² $1,200,000,

Lot 2 10.5672ha $1,300,000

239A Ohiwa Beach Road - - 2304334 - Lot 3 2929m² $600,000 - SOLD

239 Ohiwa Beach Road, Whakatane

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