Deadline Sale - Forestry investment!

Shanks Road, Waingake

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Deadline Sale - Forestry investment! | Shanks Road, Waingake | 2751525 |      X Close

Deadline Sale - Forestry investment!

The opportunity provided is a 22 hectare (more or less) freehold title planted in Pinus Radiata and shared ownership cutting rights on a 506 hectare plantation, reducing risk and harvest cost.

Established in 2000/01, the 18-year-old plus trees are the perfect age to capitalise on a passive investment as they grow towards harvest.

The title is part of a collectively managed plantation, it is given the banner Pine Farm 39 - representative of it only being 39 kilometres from Gisborne port. Being thinned to 376 stems per hectare and lifted to an average of 6.5 metres, the trees are in good shape to provide future growth, both in the forest and on your balance sheet.

Annual income is also obtained through a carbon lease.

Managers report available upon request.

Deadline Sale:

Offers close 4pm Wednesday, 10th March 2021

10 Reads Quay, Gisborne

Shanks Road, Waingake

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