World class Mangaheia Station is on the market

545 Mangaheia Road, Tolaga Bay


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World class Mangaheia Station is on the market | 545 Mangaheia Road, Tolaga Bay | 2751675 |      X Close

World class Mangaheia Station is on the market

Mangaheia Station is on the market for the first time in decades. The 2,720ha property offers rare scale with a combination of excellent farm management, significant investment back into the farm and a favorable balance of contour and climate resulting in a prime breeding and fattening unit with equally strong wintering options.

A focus on annual cropping and re-sowing of hundreds of hectares of cultivated land has meant substantial areas of new pasture have been replanted annually as high yielding perennials for finishing, enhanced by multiple varieties of winter and summer crops sown for cattle, and lambs. The station comprises of circa 22,600SU including capital stock of 800 Angus cows and a ewe flock reporting 174% lambing on ewes wintered.

Spread across seven titles, the development investment and attention to pasture quality puts Mangaheia in an optimal condition to deliver returns without requiring significant amounts of additional capital, already setting a benchmark amongst the top 10% of farms in the district.

Quality infrastructure across the station is a feature, led by the extensive 11 stand woolshed with 3000NP covered and concreted yards, substantial partially covered and concreted cattle yards, and 16 sets of satellite sheep, cattle and docking yards. Accommodation on the farm includes the refurbished managers home, shepherd generals home, cooks house and shepherds quarters.

Extensive scale, impressive contour and significant investment back into farm improvements, Mangaheia Station is world-class. For further details visit

International Tender (will not be sold prior) closing 4pm, Thursday 18 June 2020

10 Reads Quay, Gisborne

545 Mangaheia Road, Tolaga Bay

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