'Redpost' Dairy Farm

202 Mousepoint Road, Culverden

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'Redpost' Dairy Farm

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'Redpost' is a flagship dairy farm in the Culverden basin - highly productive and with excellent infrastructure.


'Redpost' dairy farm has for many years been recognised as the flagship of the

Waibury Group. It was one of the dairy farms in the area that provided a template for development in the Culverden basin as we know it today.

The property is 243.4 hectares (235 hectares effective), milking around 880 cows and wintering around 250 on-farm. 2016/17 production was 420,865kgMS.

It is highly developed, high-producing and a stand out property, with its grass growth under centre pivots and fixed-grid sprinklers, with pressurised, low-cost irrigation water delivered from the local Amuri Irrigation Company supply.

Infrastructure is top-class, with a 50-bail rotary shed, a twin-saucer Plucks effluent system - spread by pivot, four modern and one older home, including a substantial owner/manager's home, which provides an attraction to good staff.

'Redpost' exceeds national and area average production levels from its 880 cows, earning its very high reputation as a dairy farm in the Culverden basin.

202 Mousepoint Road, Culverden

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