80 Hectares - Cropping, Dairy Support

Glen Murray Road, Rangiriri


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80 Hectares - Cropping, Dairy Support

- Leased for the past four years for cropping (onions, squash and potatoes) and maize and grazing.

- Historically used to support the dairy farm.

- Approximately 67 hectares effective (including races).

- 38 hectares planted for onions, squash and potatoes.

- Seven hectares leased for maize, the balance for grazing.

- Strong fertiliser history.

- Approximately 49 hectares flat, 18 hectares undulating to easy hill and 13 hectares of peat lake and swamp.

- Infrastructure includes water pump and supply and cattle yards.

- High yielding property with a strong and diverse production range.

OPEN DAYS: Tuesday 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th March 12.00-1.00pm

This 80 hectare property offers a range of high yield uses including market garden crops, maize and grazing.

For the past four years the property has been leased for cropping, including onions, squash and potatoes plus maize and dairy grazing. 38 hectares have been planted in onions, squash and potatoes, seven hectares planted in maize and the balance of the effective land leased for grazing. Prior to this the property was used to support the dairy farm.

The property has approximately 67 effective hectares (including existing races). With 49 hectares of flat contour (this is the area historically used for the market garden crops) made up of rukuhia peat over sand soils, 18 hectares of undulating to easy hill (historically used for the maize and dairy grazing and at the back of the property) and 13 hectares of peat lake (7 hectares) and swamp (6 hectares) this highly fertile property offers a wide range of uses.

The farm has a strong fertiliser history. Prior to the existing leases the property had a minimum of 500 kg per hectare of fertiliser applied. Whilst leased the fertiliser has been applied by the lessees.

The property is not burdened by surplus homes and buildings. Infrastructure includes a utility shed, water pump and supply and cattle yards.

The main water supply is from a shallow bore which pumps to a manacon tank and is then pumped to the troughs. The main lines are 40mm with 25mm to the troughs. With the majority of the property having been in crops the troughs will be reinstated and areas planted in crops (market garden crops and maize) will be replanted in permanent pasture prior to settlement.

The farm is arranged into approximately 12 paddocks. There is one race along the western boundary plus another race through the centre of the property. These races run to the end of the area used for market garden crops. Access through the paddocks at the rear of the property are from paddock to paddock.

Fencing is predominantly 2 and 3 wire electric internals and post and batten (7 and 8 wire) externals.

The property is a rectangle shape and has good road frontage. All of the farm infrastructure is located at towards the front northern road boundary. The implement shed, water pump, pump shed and manacon tank are all set back off the road and accessed from the main road gate entrance to the property. The cattle yards are accessed of a second road gate entrance.

Given this properties diversity of use, soil type and productive history it offers the new owner a range of farming options for themselves or to lease.

Further benefit can be created with the property being in two titles.

Don't hesitate with your enquiry as properties of this quality in this location are very rare to the market.

Mark Dawe


Licensed under the REA Act 2008

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Mark Dawe


Licensed under the REA Act 2008

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