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Elaine Byron
Elaine Byron

Elaine Byron

General Manager

Elaine is a dynamic professional with an impressive academic record, holding a Master of Business Marketing with distinction and a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in marketing and management with excellence. Her passion for excelling in a high-performance sales environment is evident, as she thrives on leading teams to achieve growth on an individual level, thanks to her empathetic nature and strong people, negotiation, and communication skills. With extensive sales and HR experience, Elaine is adept at driving transactions and has a diverse sales and marketing background encompassing digital, print, and radio, where she has collaborated with a wide array of national and international clients, including industry giants like Vodafone and Red Bull. Her expertise extends to event sponsorship and management for large-scale events. Beyond her professional life, Elaine places a premium on wellness, valuing both mental and physical health as crucial components of her work performance and her role as a devoted mother to her two boys, Carter and Curtis.



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