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Jo Murphy

Jo Murphy

Executive Assistant

Jo Kendrick has worked alongside several high-performing agents throughout Auckland, and the knowledge gained from that time has served her very well in curating an excellent experience for the clients and agents that she works with.

Working with successful and aspirational agents has led Jo to pursue her own qualifications in real estate, with an aim to expand her knowledge of everything that the team need, to have a smooth and productive experience.

With a determination to keep their service as technically adept as possible, Jo is always working to future-proof the capabilities of the team she represents. Jo’s forward thinking has seen her spearhead new ideas that have streamlined the process for agents and clients alike.

Now part of Mike Murphy's fast-advancing team, Jo has excelled as the go-to person, constantly staying on top of all aspects of coordination, time management, and communications.

Jo is dedicated, driven, and adaptive, which has quickly made her an indispensable part of the team.



Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, Pukekohe,
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Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, Pukekohe,
Licensed under the REA Act 2008

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