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Karen Burrows
Karen Burrows

Karen Burrows

Residential Property Manager

Transitioning from my 20+ years background in retail and appliance repairs to a career in property management has been an incredibly rewarding journey. My three years in property management have been a testament to how my prior experiences have set me up to excel in this fast-paced and dynamic field.

Working in retail taught me the importance of exceptional customer service. I learned to listen to customers, address their needs promptly, and always strive to exceed their expectations. These principles have seamlessly translated into property management, where maintaining positive tenant relationships is paramount.

My appliance repair experience further honed my problem-solving skills. I became adept at diagnosing and resolving issues efficiently, a skill that has been invaluable when handling maintenance requests and overseeing repairs in rental properties. The ability to troubleshoot and find practical solutions has allowed me to minimise property downtime and maintain tenant satisfaction.

My interests include gardening, watercolour painting, all things crafty and #1 exploring in the bush to find native orchids and fungi. These hobbies provide both personal satisfaction and opportunities for creativity and connection with nature. This reflects my deep appreciation for the natural world and are a source of personal fulfilment, creativity, and a way to contribute to the preservation of my local environment.

Exploring the West Coast is a favourite activity and we get away in the caravan as much as possible

I look forward to bringing my skills to Bayleys and the wider community.


33 Seymour Street Blenheim, Marlborough

Client testimonials

"I have experienced the utmost assistance and consideration from both Bridie Clarke and Karen Burrows in moving into a rental unit in Picton. I am very impressed by their market knowledge, communication and professionalism. Thank you Karen and Bridie."


Karen Burrows