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Naomi Allcutt
Naomi Allcutt

Naomi Allcutt

Sales Support

Be Marlborough Ltd, Bayleys

Naomi is originally from Canterbury but has been living in Marlborough for the past decade. She has 15 years of administrative experience in the real estate sector, with expertise in Residential, Business, Industrial, and Commercial Sales and Leasing. She also has two years of experience as a Real Estate Trust Account Administrator. 

As a member of the Bayleys Marlborough office, Naomi utilizes her extensive knowledge and passion to assist the sales team in building a strong portfolio of marketing options to achieve premium results. She leverages the benefits of the Bayleys brand throughout New Zealand to support the team in their marketing efforts. 

Apart from her marketing support role, Naomi also takes charge of ensuring the team is well-supported in terms of systems and processes. She serves as a bridge of knowledge between the sales team and the administration team, ensuring a smooth workflow. Naomi excels in a team environment and utilizes her strong people skills in all aspects of her work. 

Naomi strongly believes in the Bayleys values and the mantra of "Altogether Better." Her commitment and dedication have been recognized, as she is a recipient of the National Bayleys Way Administrator Award 2023. 

Outside of work, Naomi enjoys exploring Marlborough with her family. She is an avid rugby fan, quickly becoming a supporter of Tasman. Additionally, she has a passion for all thing culinary, a hobby which often spills over into the office.



33 Seymour Street Blenheim, Marlborough


Naomi Allcutt