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Taan Suwanduang
Taan Suwanduang

Taan Suwanduang

Residential, Subdivision and Coastal Sales

Recognised as one of Gisborne’s finest residential specialists, Taan’s success stems from her ability to recognise and understand the many challenges faced when buying and selling, and her unrivalled ability to alleviate these concerns by providing a solution-focused service, enabling a stress-free process for buyers and sellers alike, delivering the best possible result.

In today's challenging market, vendors need an experienced agent who knows how to find and motivate buyers into taking action.

Taan’s endless repeat business, a cornerstone of her exceptional brand, is testament to the service provided to each and every client. Not only delivering the best result, but providing empathy, dedication, commitment and one of the sharpest senses of humour, to enable the complete selling experience.

Taan brings high energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. She is a powerhouse of advice culminating from years in real estate, companied with her own success in property investment. Her friendly, and light-hearted nature instantly puts you at ease, and professionalism fills you with confidence.

Taan knows exactly how emotionally charged buying or selling a home can be – she’s been there. An experienced property investor with an eye for opportunities, her expertise, patience and understanding make the process seamless. She is renowned for her exceptional negotiation skills, market knowledge and problem-solving ability that sees her amidst the top of real estate experts locally. Taan knows that every property and client is different, ensuring her clients are well informed throughout every step of their property journey.

Originally hailing from Thailand, Taan’s exceptional skills don’t stop with real estate; a master chef, Taan can frequently be found entertaining, both clients, and all too often selflessly donating her time and skills to a variety of charities. Taan was drawn to Gisborne for its beauty and to this day is one of the greatest advocates of the Gisborne lifestyle and opportunity.

Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell, Taan’s charm, her love of working with people, and her relentless pursuit for excellence will ensure you the best real estate experience.



Bousfield Macpherson Ltd, Bayleys,
Licensed under the REA Act 2008



10 Reads Quay, Gisborne
Bousfield Macpherson Ltd, Bayleys,
Licensed under the REA Act 2008

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