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Tim O'Malley
Tim O'Malley

Tim O'Malley

Performance Manager

Be Marlborough Ltd, Bayleys

Introducing Tim O'Malley, Business Development Manager.

Hailing from a sheep and beef farm in Central Otago and having resided in Marlborough for eight years, Tim brings a unique blend of rural heritage and urban experience to the table.

Beyond his rural background, one of Tim’s passions is rugby, having showcased his talent with renowned teams such as the Tasman Mako and the Highlanders. His rugby career has taken him to Japan and Europe, living and playing where he has gained invaluable life experience.

Tim's exceptional interpersonal skills and affinity for working with people make him a key member of the Bayleys team. He deeply understands the impact of culture on an organization, recognizing that fostering an environment where every individual thrives contributes to the collective success of the company.

With a keen eye for identifying opportunities and a relentless drive to achieve results, Tim embraces the role of Business Development Manager with enthusiasm. By leveraging his extensive network and knowledge, he consistently strives to expand Bayleys' horizons and forge strategic partnerships.

Tim O'Malley's commitment to maximizing the potential of each team member compliments him as a leader within the company. He knows that by empowering individuals to operate at their best, he will propel Bayleys Marlborough to new heights.  When it comes to spearheading growth and nurturing a thriving company culture, Tim is committed to excellence.


33 Seymour Street Blenheim, Marlborough


Tim O'Malley