Welcome to Bayleys’ Digital Style Guide

This app is intended to act as both a guide & code repository for designing and coding Bayleys Digital Product.

Please Note: this an evolving application - please check with Bayleys Brand Management to ensure the content hosted here is up to date.

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These brand guidelines outline the brand values and brand elements which make up the Bayleys brand. They include rules and values to help you compose and produce exciting designs with a high degree of creative flexibility.

Our Mission

The user is at the heart of our Digital Product. As a team we are committed to improving the overall experience of our users through superior design and a consistent user experience. If you require clarification regrading any detail outlined here please refer to your Bayleys project contact in the first instance.

Brand values

At Bayleys we’re passionate about making things simple and joyful. The quality and reliability of our products is very important to us - and given you’re reading this - even more important to you. Please ensure you utilise the resources published within this app and give our users a beautiful and consistent experience across all our digital product.