Summer Sell Down

Summer Sell Down

The hands of time are moving quickly towards the Bayleys Big Call – New Zealand’s single largest residential property auction event which will take place during one much-anticipated week in February, 2017.

Hard on the heels of the summer holiday season, the Big Call will bring together motivated vendors and keen buyers geared up to make a change after reassessing property priorities with the close of one year and the start of the next.

Timing is everything and the early February auction dates are designed to capitalise on the momentum that a New Year kicks off with. No doubt the summer break at the beach or abroad consolidated a few ideas about the property direction people will take in 2017 and the Big Call provides the impetus to bring about change.

Bayleys’ national auction manager and national residential manager, Daniel Coulson, says online browsing of the Bayleys’ website spikes when people are on holiday and the Big Call captures the bold and the restless.

“Families tend to have the big discussions about property over the Christmas/New Year period,” he says.

“It’s when they have time to relax, forget about work for a while and actually connect with family. It’s when adult kids agree or decide that it’s time for elderly parents to downsize, when mums and dads formulate plans to move to a new school zone or to add an investment property to the mix.

“A new year and a new start is a common theme in the Big Call auction rooms around the country.”

Most homes are looking at their best over the summer months. They’re warm and dry, the sun is streaming in to make spaces look bright and welcoming, and the outdoor areas come into their own.

“Buyers find it easy to imagine themselves in a home when the weather is good,” says Coulson.

“Plus the better weather means it’s an ideal time for those selling their property to complete maintenance jobs that they’ve put off.”

Simple tasks can improve the aesthetics and the saleability of a property. Paint the front door and the fence, clean out the gutters, tidy up the gardens, plant up some pots to brighten entranceways, get the pool and outdoor entertaining areas looking sharp and freshen up the curtains and blinds inside.

“Having an auction date to work towards is a great motivator for vendors and with the Big Call auctions scheduled for early February, the holiday break could be well-spent doing some minor fixes around the property to give it a bit of a boost.”

Bayleys’ Big Call auctions will hit a Bayleys auction room near you for one week from 1st February, 2017 – contact your local office to find out how you can be part of the hammer fall.