The Big Call is a Good Call

The Big Call is a Good Call

New Zealand’s single largest residential property auction event – Bayleys Big Call – will take place around the country during one exhilarating week in February, 2017.

Bayleys Big Call has been a hotly-anticipated event on the real estate calendar since 2012 when it burst onto the scene and was greeted by an eager market. Now, thanks to word-of-mouth and extensive publicity, motivated property sellers and determined buyers know that the Big Call brings huge opportunity to the real estate table.

A successful property transaction always requires a willing seller and a willing buyer and nowhere is this better illustrated than with the Big Call auctions, according to Bayleys’ national auction manager and national residential manager, Daniel Coulson.

“The Big Call is the culmination of a wide-ranging, cost-effective and very astute property marketing campaign which gets cashed-up buyers into Bayleys’ auction rooms around the country in a quick-fire week of hammer falls,” he says.

“If there is any doubt about property pricing around the country and where prices are heading, the place to thrash it out is in the auction room – that’s where value is defined and the best prices are achieved.”

Coulson says savvy vendors know that the more eyes that are focused on their property, the more opportunity there is for rivalry among buyers come auction day.

“The marketing packages that we’ve put together in support of Big Call listings helps to generate unprecedented coverage for those properties thanks to comprehensive print, radio, television and online exposure.

“Buyers, too, are realising that given the Big Call’s five-year track record of bringing fresh property stock to the market within a finite timeframe, February is the time to strike in the auction room.

“It’s a buyers’ best chance to see what the market has to offer in their preferred area and to put their best bid forward.”

Bayleys’ sales teams are currently gathering together some of the nation’s most sought-after residential property to go under the hammer.

Motivated vendors are seizing the chance to capitalise on the big noise that the Big Call generates and are using the summer months to get their properties prepared for the market.

“With the Christmas/New Year “silly season” fast-approaching, a February auction date is an achievable target for people wishing to sell in the early part of next year,” says Coulson.

“Initial feedback suggests that 2017’s February Big Call will again be a defining event for residential real estate in New Zealand and the Bayleys’ team of auctioneers will be primed for action.”

To be part of Bayleys Big Call, contact your local office.