Ace A Horsey Tail Of Courage

Because every child matters

Bayleys sponsor the BNZ Crusaders and the much loved Crusaders Bayleys Horses. We wanted to harness this relationship to create a real feeling of good in our community.

In 2017, the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) produced a report on students’ well-being. Students in 51 countries were surveyed about perceived bullying and New Zealand students reported the second-highest rate of bullying in the OECD. Worse, our Kiwi students reported being bullied at least a few times a month. This is more than double the OECD average.

Not only does bullying have a detrimental effect on children’s health, wellbeing and learning, it can also make them feel sad, lonely and frightened.

It affects how well they do at school and many children carry the effects of bullying into adulthood.

This is utterly unacceptable and deeply disturbing.

As social leaders, Bayleys’ efforts to take a stand against bullying led to the creation of our unique story book ‘Ace A Horsey Tail of Courage’. Designed to address the important issue of bullying in such a way that it is relatable for young and old.

Ace, A Horsey Tail of Courage encourages children to speak-up and report incidents of bullying whether they are a victim or witness of bullying or even if they are a bully - while reinforcing the message that each and every child matters.

Profits from the sale of Ace A Horsey Tail Of Courage go to Make-A-Wish New Zealand.

We are very grateful to BullyfreeNZ and the Ministry of Education for working with us to help create not only a beautiful storyline, but also a tool for Parents, whanau, schools and the wider community. No one can do well when they feel bullied and talking about it has benefits for the future of everyone.

You can pick up a copy of Ace, A Horsey Tail of Courage by popping into any of our 10 Bayleys Canterbury Branches or you can visits Ace’s very own website

Together lets change lives, one book at a time.