Bayleys Canterbury Commercial

Business Sales

Buying or selling a business is often one of the largest financial transactions undertaken in a lifetime.

Either way, it is a process that needs careful planning and an understanding of the prospective purchasers and vendors.

Bayleys Canterbury's specialist brokers have a genuine interest in business and are committed to delivering outstanding service to business clients. Our brokers come from broad business backgrounds, have market-relevant experience and a well-honed grasp of business fundamentals.

They also have strong local connections with recent sales including business, hospitality and tourism across the Canterbury region. The well-developed national networks throughout the Bayleys’ Group, and also with accountancy and legal professionals. This gives them an excellent knowledge of the wider economic environment and how it is impacting on the business sector.

Bayleys appreciates that selling or buying a business is a very different proposition from a property transaction.

Deciding to buy or sell a business is a major decision that may signal a complete change in lifestyle – which is why personal agendas are as important as business objectives.

Bayleys' brokers also understand the importance of discretion. They appreciate their clients often prefer to keep their intentions confidential from competitors, clients, suppliers and staff.

Whether selling or buying a business, Bayleys Canterbury can help prepare a tailor-made road map to successfully complete the process.