Sell Your Business

Our Canterbury business brokers leverage the national reach through Bayleys Real Estate combined with on-the-ground local expertise to ensure a streamlined business sale with exceptional marketing.

Over the decades, Bayleys has built databases of individuals and companies on the acquisition and expansion trails.

We also have a network of professionals with clients that are looking to grow their business interests.

Working with our Business Sales team enables business sellers to remain focused on operating their business - not on selling their business.

As experienced sales professionals, our brokers ensure that it’s ‘business as usual’ in the marketing phase while negotiations and due diligence are underway. They maintain discretion, streamline the process and minimise disruption to daily business operations.

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Sell Your Business

Bayleys Business Sales structured approach covers all aspects of the selling process including:

  • Undertaking a thorough appraisal to establish the market value of the business.

  • Preparing a detailed Information Memorandum describing the attributes of the business.

  • Identifying and qualifying all potential buyers

  • Manage communication with each interested party

  • Creating a professional marketing strategy targeted at prospective purchasers.

  • Negotiating on behalf of business owners with potential purchasers to achieve the best price.

  • Managing the process of due diligence with the least possible disruption to a business.

  • Overseeing the completion of contracts and settlement.

  • Ensuring a smooth and thorough handover.

Contact Us or call: 03 375 4700