Leasing Commercial Property

Attracting the right tenants at the right time is all about targeting the right businesses.

Bayleys Canterbury strives to find the best long-term tenants and ensure that costly downtime between occupants is kept to an absolute minimum.

The key to Bayleys’ effective lease marketing is our data containing information about tens of thousands of businesses across Canterbury and New Zealand which advises us when their leases are approaching renewal.

New businesses are entering the market all the time, so a number of advertising mediums are employed to ensure vacant space is presented to the widest possible audience.

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Specialised Marketing

Bayleys has highly effective ways of making properties for lease more attractive:

Air New Zealand Airpoints™

Bayleys is the only agency that rewards new small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) with Airpoints Dollars™ when they sign a tenancy agreement.

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Bayleys Bespoke

For landlords targeting corporate tenants, Bayleys offers this highly-targeted, high-impact and tailored advertising campaign to elevate their properties.

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Targeting Tenants

After first matching types of businesses with specific properties, we target these three groups.

Active Tenants

Businesses already engaged with Bayleys and looking to relocate. We know when they need to move and what they want. We have regular face-to-face contact with them and target them with Bayleys Bespoke and regional campaigns, electronic brochures, 360 degree video, interactive media presentations, social media channels and invitations to road shows and events.

Highly Engaged Tenants

Businesses needing to relocate within two years. They are researching their options but have yet to commit to a real estate agency. To attract such potential tenants, we feature client premises on all the major online listing portals - using search engine marketing via the Google Display Network - and also advertise in the most effective property press for each region.

Passive Tenants

Businesses not having an immediate need to relocate but which could if the right premises was presented attractively to them. To reach them we use media channels that are not property related but which have been proven to be effective like TV & radio, business pages and other sections of key national newspapers, news websites, YouTube video and signage.

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