Selling Commercial Property

Bayleys Canterbury's marketing methods are tailored to target properties at the right buyers.

Before listing, we work closely with vendors to understand their objectives and establish each property’s key selling points.

We then carefully consider which demographics contain the most likely buyers, and choose the appropriate type of media and marketing approaches.

We sell commercial property locally in Canterbury and also around New Zealand.

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Cost-effective Marketing

Bayleys Buying Power

We have buying power with key media outlets, where our clients often receive preferential placement and discounted rates.

Total Property

Bayleys’ multi-channel and multi-media Total Property campaigns which lead the industry in relation to buyer pulling-power, the volume of stock and must-read market analysis.

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Targeting Buyers

Active Buyers

These buyers are already engaged in face-to-face contact with Bayleys. They are on our database and will be targeted by our Total Property campaigns, regional magazines, 360 degree video and interactive media presentations; and social media channels. They will also be invited to road shows and Bayleys’ events.

Highly Engaged Buyers

These buyers aren’t already engaged with Bayleys but they are keen to buy. To attract these buyers, properties are featured on all the major online listing portals, employing search engine marketing through the Google Display Network and by advertising in the most effective property press for each region.

Passive Buyers

These are individuals and corporates not actively looking to invest, but who are in the position to make a quick investment decision given the right opportunity. This group is targeted using media and channels that are not property related, but which have been proven by research to be effective. They include TV & radio, Business pages and other sections of key national newspapers, news websites, YouTube video and signage.

Contact Us or call: 03 375 4700