Methods of Sale

There’s more than one way to sell your property and choosing the most suitable method is an important part of the sales process.

Bayleys Canterbury knows every property is unique and all aspects require careful consideration before a sales method is chosen. While each method has merits for certain types of properties, a consultation with a Bayleys salesperson gives you the expert advice as to what is best for you and your property before going to market.

Whether it's a residential, lifestyle or rural property sale - we'll know what's best for you and your property


Sales methods fall into two categories:

Fixed Time Frame


A public and competitive sale open to bids with the vendor setting the terms and conditions. Auction sales are unconditional and competitive.

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Deadline Sale

A confidential and competitive sales method with offers not disclosed allowing purchaser and vendor to negotiate terms and conditions.


A closed and competitive sale with offers not disclosed and the vendor sets the terms and conditions.

Open Time Frame

For Sale – with a price

A clear acceptable price is advertised by the vendor. Purchasers can make offers based on this price, using their terms and conditions, in their own time.

For Sale – without a price

Purchasers are invited to make offers of their choosing, with their conditions and timeframes.