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Putting people at the heart of our business.

With our unique culture and opportunities, Bayleys Canterbury is a place where you can grow a successful business. It’s no mistake that the Bayleys Canterbury team have consistently ranked the top twenty of Bayleys nationally, year on year.

We are proud of our people, and thanks to their exceptional dedication to our clients, we have received the REINZ award for Large Residential Office of the Year New Zealand 2018 and 2019 – this is a true honour and a tribute to our culture – one of hard work, tenacity and a spirit of innovation.

Experienced people join our team to take their highly-developed skills to the next level. They come to us to take on fresh and rewarding challenges, and to make an immediate impact with clients in shaping the future direction of our company.

We’re always on the lookout for experienced people.

What our Sales Agents have to say

I started my career soon after the Canterbury earthquakes, and I have only ever worked at Bayleys as I wanted to start with the best. After three full years in the industry at the ages of 24, I became the youngest ever national top achiever for Bayleys Realty Group, which is something I am really proud of.

It goes to show that age and time in the industry is not a barrier and if you are willing to fully commit and give it 100% anything is possible. Bayleys as a brand has provided me with a surprising amount of leverage to put me in a position ahead of my competition. For me, Bayleys is the best in the business and I love the fact that we stand for absolute quality and professionalism. The culture that we have within the office is truly unlike any other.

I would highly encourage anyone with the drive and desire to get involved.

I made the decision to join Bayleys Canterbury a year after the earthquakes hit, as the company I was with was still not putting anything in place to support and market their salespeople, and Bayleys were doing the exact opposite, marketing both salespeople and their company. I interviewed with a few companies and decided Bayleys was the best fit for my brand as I was looking to become more corporate and professional in my business.

The move has been incredible for my personal brand as the ongoing education, culture, professionalism and motivation given me direction, add to this I have all the resources that my business needs, to thrive and grow, no matter what the economic climate.

Being able to see how well other people are doing has played to my competitive side, and the high achievers awards have kicked in and driven me to be the best. What I most love about the Bayleys umbrella is the people the environment and culture. It’s competitive but not still a welcoming and helpful environment where everyone works together to succeed as one team.

After many successful years in the real estate industry I moved to join the team at Bayleys based on six key components that I identified as being essential to my ability to run my business enjoyably and successfully:Company values, culture - transparency, genuineness and honesty.

  • Client focussed - it is about the client, not the deal or the agent

  • Collegiality - a positive working environment, no internal competition, a team approach

  • Do the business - strong company support and resources, a great administration team working across the disciplines, high-quality products and presentation

  • Have fun – celebrating successes along the way

  • Potential for growth – an incredible company foundation provided by a strong national rural, residential and commercial

My business values and ethics are in line with Bayleys and are embraced by the Bayleys culture. I believe that Bayleys exceed in all of these aspects, making my decision to move to the company an easy one.

With specialist knowledge and a strong rural community client base acquired after several successful years in the hospitality and medical sectors, I joined Bayleys with the aim of putting the love back into real estate. I am passionate about giving each client the highest level of professionalism and trust, and enjoy the challenge of progressing a deal over the line.

My residential business success with Bayleys has sky-rocketed beyond what I believed would be possible. This has been due in large part to expertise and support from a national management and administration team across all asset classes, a robust brand presence and access to the latest trends in marketing/ PR and training. Together, the Bayleys team culture, values and camaraderie is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

The journey has been fast-paced and not without challenges at times along the way but the rewards have far out-weighed my expectations. I look forward to the next phase in the development of the Darfield office and extending our connections and commitment to the wider community.

I had almost signed with another brand, until I sat down with Steve Ellis. We discussed the ‘Altogether’ brand of Bayleys, along with the ‘client for life’ values the brand represented. The alignment of Bayleys with being ‘Listing Agents’ and working primarily for the vendors best interests, resonated with me.

It has been a great move, Bayleys have added a higher level of value. Both from a brand perspective, but also price point of the homes I’m wishing to list and sell. The added value of support since coming on board from both my office admin and the Deans Ave office has been huge - less time making brochures, more time to focus on picking up the phone.

It probably sounds like a cliché but it really is Altogether Better. The support and administration team have made the transition seamless. The management team, have made me feel welcome and at home, allowing me to establish and grow my personal brand within the group. Bayleys licensees are friendly and better yet, approachable. Even those at the top have no ego and want to see others follow in their success.

I believe that Bayleys need to pay the café lady more. How does she remember everyone’s names and orders on the daily! In all seriousness, I believe joining the Bayleys environment has provided a better platform for success in the industry.

In 2010 having spent over twenty years working in the livestock industry I commenced my real estate career after looking for a new challenge. Real estate is something that I thought I’d never get into but what I know now is I should have made the move earlier. The initial start when you launch yourself can be a bit of a grind and patience is key but when you’re underway all that effort is extremely worthwhile. The excitement of listing, the thrill of closing deals drives you even harder and your momentum naturally grows and can exceed your expectations.

I didn’t look anywhere else past Bayleys when I was considering a real estate career. Bayleys was front of mind with the brand, quality listings and professionalism that they portray.

I joined Bayleys Commercial in 2011 as a cadet after studying property valuation at Lincoln University and I have never looked back!

The opportunities and environment at Bayleys are second-to-none, they are a fantastic company to work for. The learning environment is practical and hands-on, and the company encourages you to do the business and stands behind you with great training and mentoring.

The old mantra ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’ is highly applicable to this job. The work is fast-paced and highly enjoyable and Bayleys people know how to work hard and play hard. If you want a company to launch a great career with, to earn good money, follow the work you enjoy, build relationships and do-the-business, I would encourage any young motivated person to talk to us today.

I was at home with Elisabeth on maternity leave from Brother International Limited, where I managed the whole South Island for them, and I was over the travel around the South Island and therefore started searching for something else. Paula McMann told me I would be great in real estate and got me in touch with Shane O’Brien. I joined Bayleys at the start of my real estate career – which started in July 7 Years ago. 2020 will be 8 Years. I chose Bayleys Canterbury because they were willing to accommodate my relational sales style and did not make me to a buyer management and vendor management ‘conditioning’ tactics’ agent.

Being part of the Bayleys brand has really added value to my personal brand as the support is there 100% of the time, all I need to do is ask. There are no ‘costs’ to use the office and the marketing budget is amazing. Management do not sell in competition and are there to help and support. Admin support is fantastic. I really love the fact that everyone helps everyone out. The ‘family culture’ has never been watered down. I believe that Bayleys are a premium brand that deliver a premium service to vendors who see value in a quality.

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