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One company, one vision, one direction, that is what makes us Altogether Better.

There is something that brings us together, all of us. From our biggest teams to our sole operators. North to South, we have different skills and collectively we know this country better than anyone. The price of a paddock, the worth of a villa, the value of a commercial building, a year’s lease or a month’s rent. We know buyers and sellers from every walk of life, and every location across Aotearoa. From everywhere to anywhere you will find us, you’ll find our experts and high achievers but when you ask US if there’s something more that makes the difference; it is our integrity, attention to detail, long term client relationships, support, ongoing training. We are top negotiators, we get results, we are reliable, we’re all connected, it’s our team, it’s being part of our team, it’s our office culture, comradery and energy that makes us unique.

We’re always on the lookout for experienced people.

We’re proud of who we are and what we do.

At Bayleys Canterbury, what sets us apart is not what we do, but the way we do it. We enable our people to do their best work every day, collaborating with each other to maximise every opportunity and lead our industry. We attract and we develop leaders in the field, empowering them to think in a way to drive exceptional results. All of our people embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of Bayleys Canterbury, passionate and committed sharing one common goal – to build on the success of everyone associated with our company, including our clients, support staff and our communities. We are one company with one vision and one direction. This is your opportunity to align with our high achievers, who know how to support the growth of your personal brand and business. You will be rewarded with the opportunity to earn commission above industry standards by listing and selling more through exceptional administration and marketing support.

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A career with Bayleys Canterbury is not a job, it is about enjoyment, challenge, rewards, and adding value to life.

Our people have crafted Bayleys Canterbury into the market leader that we are today. We are passionate that in our industry, it is our people that set us apart. We retain this market advantage by attracting the best talent and providing the best support.

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