Bayleys Property Management make sure you'll get the best return on your property investment.

Whether you're a seasoned property investor or a home owner looking to rent your house while overseas, our property services are second to none.

We know a house is likely to be the biggest investment you'll ever make. It's important you take care of it and entrust it to only those who feel the same way.

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Why Choose Bayleys Property Management?

We Know The Canterbury Market

We've seen the fluctuations in Canterbury's rental market over time and even through the seasons. As part of one of New Zealand's largest real estate companies, we have an in-depth knowledge of the local property and rental market as well as access to the latest property research and trends.

We Source Better Tenants

Bad tenants are bad news and very difficult to remove once in. Our team takes every possible precaution when choosing tenants for your Canterbury rentals. We'll make sure you get quality tenants who not only pay promptly and regularly, but also take care of your property. Rest assured that we conduct extensive background checks, credit checks and find out whether a tenant has been to the housing tribunal in the past. We also obtain references from prior landlords and employers where possible.

We Give Expert Advice

With experience comes reliable advice. Based on dealing with hundreds of landlords, tenants and rentals, our property management team can provide guidance on every step of the way.

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