Latest Business Sales insights

Succession planning

Businesses are the lifeblood of the New Zealand economy, and most owners have committed years of hard work to growing their businesses.

A tasty business venture

Now is the perfect time for restaurateurs to sell their business

Now is the time to sell

A unique mix of factors – both financial and social - are combining to make right now the best time within the last decade to sell your business.

Preparing your business for sale

The value of a business can be enhanced through several easy steps

Why use a Business Broker

The benefits of using a business broker so you can focus on ensuring your business is at maximum value.

Food and grocery retail

Food and grocery retailing is an industry niche with a proven track record, demonstrating attractive returns for buyers.

How tourism remains too attractive for buyers to overlook

More than 80 million people are actively thinking about a New Zealand holiday at the moment, meaning purchasers of property and businesses are hard-pressed to overlook the tourism industry when scouting the market for their next opportunity.

Population growth has been the key driver of demand for childcare places.

New Zealand's 4.8 million population is tipped to exceed 6 million by 2027, with the majority of the growth expected to be in the "Golden Triangle" area of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.