We’ll find your perfect tenant

Your commercial property is a considerable asset, so it’s our job find you the best possible long-term tenant and ensure that any costly downtime between occupants is kept to an absolute minimum.

Attracting the right tenant to your premises is all about targeting the right businesses. The key to our effective lease marketing is the data we hold on tens of thousands of New Zealand businesses, which tells us when their lease is approaching renewal. Being able to act quickly is crucial because an empty commercial space can be very costly, so we use this valuable information to match the right business to your premises at the right time.

We also appreciate that new businesses enter the market all the time, so we use a number of advertising mediums to ensure your space is presented to the widest possible audience.

Making your premises stand out

Bayleys also has another highly effective way of making your property more attractive to new tenants.

If you are targeting a corporate tenant, Bayleys offers a highly-targeted and tailored advertising solution called Bayleys Bespoke, which will elevate your property with its own high-impact, branded campaign.

Who we market to

After deciding which type of businesses are the most likely tenant for your property, we typically segment them in to three groups:

  • Firstly, we target the active market; those businesses who are already engaged with Bayleys and are looking to relocate. We know when they need to move and what they are looking for, so it makes it easier to match interested parties to your property.

We have regular face-to-face contact with these potential tenants and target them with Bayleys Bespoke campaigns, our regional campaigns, electronic brochures, 360 degree video, interactive media presentations and social media channels, as well invite them to roadshows and events.

  • Secondly we target the highly engaged market; those businesses who need to relocate in next two years and have started researching their options but have yet to commit to a real estate agency. To attract these potential tenants, we feature your premises on all the major online listing portals, use search engine marketing through the Google Display Network and advertise in the most effective property press for your region.

  • Thirdly we target the passive market; all other business who don’t have an immediate need or scheduled relocation date, but may consider relocation if the right opportunity was presented to them in a compelling way. To attract this group, we use media and channels that are not property related, but have been proven by our independent research to be effective. These include TV & radio, business and sports sections of key national newspapers, news websites, YouTube video and signage.