Tourism & Hospitality Sales

Bayleys Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Division provides a specialist service to owners of accommodation, hospitality and recreation properties and businesses.

We use our connections, networks and market expertise to maximise national and international interest in offerings within this niche sector.

Spearheaded by seasoned professionals with long-established credibility within the real estate industry and the wider tourism arena, Bayleys’ Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality team understands the dynamics of this vibrant and evolving sector. We know that selling a going-concern tourism, lifestyle or leisure operation is a complex process demanding a sound working knowledge of how prospective purchasers make their final analytical decision on whether to buy. Our role is to streamline the process and to negotiate a timely and advantageous outcome for clients.

We work with owners and representatives of the following types of offerings around New Zealand, Fiji and other Pacific Islands.

  • Hotels

  • Motels

  • Backpacker accommodation

  • Resorts

  • Camping grounds

  • Short stay accommodation

  • Lodges

  • Bed and breakfast providers

  • Rest homes and villages

  • Adventure tourism operations

  • Restaurant/cafés/bars.

We work across various models of operation and ownership including freehold going concerns, freehold investments, leasehold businesses and management rights.

Backed and supported by innovative portfolio, online and print media marketing initiatives, well established national and international databases and the respected Bayleys brand, our Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality team has the resources, the skills and the experience to confidently launch your property or business into this vibrant marketplace.