Country Editorial and Insights

A profession off the sheep’s back

Shearings quiet contribution to rural New Zealand and the economy belies a colourful, inventive and competitive history. Its history, its evolution and its role make a fascinating strand in our nationhood.

More milk, less cow

Cows are no longer the only means to generate dairy returns, with exciting new developments in sheep and goat milking afoot. Is the non cow dairy sector worth a look?

Heading for the hills

Land values remain strong across the spectrum of rural New Zealand, with good market prospects and strong buyer interest helping kick off the new year in the provinces.

Sense to make dollars

Turning a dollar on a lifestyle block takes research, planning and passion. Country checks out three properties which are proving profitable for their owners.

From A to B&B

Opening a B&B operation on a lifestyle property could be a way to tap into New Zealand’s growing tourism market. Here’s some pointers to consider.

More Bang for their Buck

Venison prices are at their highest level since 2011 and demand for New Zealand produce is huge, but deer numbers are at their lowest level in 26 years. Is now the time to invest in a deer farm?

A Sporting Chance

Sports clubs are the beating heart of rural New Zealand. They have the power to bring communities together and raise spirits when times are tough.

The Undiscovered Country

A small rural town’s heart-warming story shows just how desirable country New Zealand can be, not only to inner-city Kiwis but also to the rest of the world.

Early Start a Good Start for Succession Planning

Aging farmers without farm succession plans to help them step into well earned, enjoyable retirements are among the greatest concerns for realtors, financiers and farm advisors in New Zealand.

Manuka Gold Flows Through Back Country

The humble honey bee is contributing to a quiet land use revolution in some of the country’s more remote farming regions, bringing options and opportunities for farmers and rural communities.

Digesting the Goat sector

There is strong international demand for goat products but any possible growth in the New Zealand goat farming sector will be coming off a small production base. Country looks at the three main areas of the goat industry – dairy, fibre and meat.

Food for Thought

With the Ministry for Primary Industries seeking to lift the productivity and profitability of New Zealand’s primary sector and double export returns by 2025, Country looks at some of the value-add challenges we face.

Putting the Glam into Camping

As urbanisation has taken hold in New Zealand, it has become increasingly difficult for city dwellers to access rural life in a meaningful way. Glamping is giving urban dwellers a chance to reconnect with this country’s pastoral roots, have a break and help farmers’ incomes. Country speaks to some glamping site entrepreneurs.

La Dolce Vita

The good life is what those choosing to own a lifestyle block hanker after – a life where the land expands horizons beyond fenced-in suburbia. For one Italian couple, a parcel of land in Northland allows them to live their life with zest.