Farms can offer work-life balance

Farms can offer work-life balance

For many people being able to combine work and play is a pipe dream, something the conditions of work, location and demands mean can simply never happen. But for anyone committed to making a living off the land, work and home life inevitably mingle together, so the separation of work and leisure do too.

For all the hard work, farming is one vocation where it is possible to finish up early and shoot away for a mid-week fish at your favourite spot, head into the bush to do some hunting, or jump on your mountain bike and find a trail.

Many farming locations offer the opportunity that enables owners to combine their farming with their interests and activities off the farm. Time is more valuable than ever, while holiday houses and off farm retreats are less affordable than ever. Looking to your work place to also provide you and your family with recreational opportunities is an appealing option.


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