Hopping to a better brew

Hopping to a better brew

At first glance the New Zealand beer market could appear to be a shade of what it once was, and one best avoided by anyone considering getting into the fine art of brewing.

It seems our thirst is fading - overall Kiwis have been drinking less alcohol… But under those numbers the craft beer sector is thriving. Consumers are seeking more sophisticated beer tastes, and “less but better” is the mainline trend in drinking habits. This sector has become the darling of the alcohol industry, with sales growth pointing defiantly in the opposite direction to where the majority of the alcohol industry is heading.

Hops are playing a big part in New Zealand’s craft brewing success story. It’s a niche crop that’s been grown in a distinct and confined geographic region, running from Upper Moutere in the Tasman district to nearby Motueka. Cheers, to that.


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