Putting the Glam into Camping

Putting the Glam into Camping

As urbanisation has taken hold in New Zealand, it has become increasingly difficult for city dwellers to access rural life in a meaningful way. Glamping is giving urban dwellers a chance to reconnect with this country’s pastoral roots, have a break and help farmers’ incomes. Country speaks to some glamping site entrepreneurs.

Diminishing opportunities for seaside camping – with many of New Zealand’s favourite coastal spots being sold and redeveloped – coupled with a growing desire for home comforts while on holiday, has seen the international trend for glamorous camping or ‘glamping’ gain traction in this country.

Furthermore, with many of New Zealand’s glamping opportunities rurally-based on family-owned working farm properties comes an opportunity for city-dwellers and international tourists to sample rural life.

Fickle farm commodity prices have led some farmers to look at diversifying their income streams, however a glamping operation is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It’s still the new kid on the holiday accommodation block and farmers should enter the glamping arena with a healthy dose of realism.

One business that has taken the rural glamping concept by the horns is Canopy Camping Escapes. It was launched in 2012 by Liz Henderson and Sonia Minnaar, friends who themselves hankered for a relaxing back-to-nature camping experience – without the drama.

The pair has turned an ambitious vision into a workable business reality by facilitating access to secluded spots on private land for campers looking for a touch of luxury – without an airbed in sight.


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