Demand is strong for well-located, good quality farms across all sectors of the market. As with last year, supply remains a challenge. We highlight a selection of the transactions concluded recently by the Bayleys’ country team throughout New Zealand.


Pinny Farms Portfolio, Kaikohe, Northland: Seven dairy farms and three support blocks totalling 3,300ha, on target to produce 1,200,000kgMS from 4,000 cows sold for a confidential price. Quality farms with good infrastructure and significant scope to increase production further. (Stewart Ruddell, John Barnett, Bayleys Northland Country)

State Highway 26, Puriri, Thames-Coromandel: Well-established and easy to manage dairy and grazing enterprise consisting of 10 separate titles totalling 138.6ha sold for $3,480,000. The property has a combination of easy flats and productive dairy land, excellent infrastructure, high standard of racing and fencing, plus eight duck ponds.  (Karl Davis, Lee Carter, Bayleys Waikato)

Awariki Road, Waerenga: 103ha dairy farm and an adjoining 33ha lease block sold for $3,400,000. Infrastructure includes a 24 ASHB cowshed which currently winter-milks 120 cows, plus 280 cows through spring, with a total production of 115,000kgMS last season.  (Karl Davis, Lee Carter, Bayleys Waikato)

Pukekapia Road, Huntly: 277ha dairy unit with 40-bail rotary cowshed which produced 234,424kgMS for the 2014/15 season, sold for $8,164,000. Property has four dwellings: main 4bdrm home, another 4bdrm home, plus a 3bdrm and 2bdrm dwelling. (Karl Davis, Lee Carter, Bayleys Waikato)

Strange Road, Te Aroha: 152ha flat dairy farm milking around 750 cows sold for $8,400,000. The unit is in two blocks connected by an underpass. Infrastructure includes a 44 ASHB dairy shed, two feed pads plus four, 3bdrm dwellings. (Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

Seddon Road, Waihou, Te Aroha: 42ha large scale calf rearing operation and cropping unit ideal for dairy support, sold for $3,131,000. Strong, healthy pastures are divided into 20 paddocks and farm improvements include 14 ASHB shed with robust infrastructure plus a two storey, 5bdrm home. (Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

Rapurapu Road, Matamata: 99.67ha dairy farm sold for $5,600,000. Farm infrastructure includes 22 ASHB shed, two 3bdrm workers’ homes and main 4bdrm brick home with swimming pool. (Neville Jacques, Bayleys Waikato)

Wardville Road, Waharoa, Matamata: 81ha dairy farm with level contour, quality soils and strong healthy pastures sold for $5,450,000. The property is well-raced and subdivided with improvements including 20 ASHB cowshed with in-shed meal feeding and drafting system, quality support buildings, implement storage and workshop facilities. Dwellings comprise 5bdrm homestead with double garage set in established grounds and a tidy, 3bdrm cottage. (Sam Troughton, Bayleys Waikato)

Tauranga Road, Matamata: 71.49ha dairy farm in two titles – one 24.96ha, the other 46.53ha – joined by an underpass sold for $3,975,000. Predominantly flat contour with strong fertile Tirau ash soils along with 20 ASHB dairy complete with in-shed meal feeding, full range of farm buildings including workshop and storage, plus 3bdrm brick home. (Sam Troughton, Bayleys Waikato)

Totman Road, Tirau: 102.25ha dairy farm in three titles with predominantly flat contour rising to gentle rolling hills at the rear of the property sold for $6,420,000. A loop race system aids farm access and the fencing is all sound. The 35 ASHB cowshed is centrally located with a yard that holds approximately 300 cows. Good array of outbuildings including two implement sheds and two hay barns plus a 3bdrm plus office home. (Neville Jacques, Bayleys Waikato)

Rotongata Road, Pukeatua: 184.53ha flat to undulating land with 44-bail Chapman rotary cow shed and yards, four-bay heifer calf/implement shed, and multiple other sheds and barns sold for $6,550,000. The property has two, 4bdrm homes with garaging plus a worker’s bach. (Sharon James, Stuart Gudsell, Bayleys Waikato)

Te Kopia Road, Waikite Valley, Bay of Plenty: 143ha dairy farm with flat to rolling contour subdivided into 65 paddocks, three-year average of 161,055kgMS through a 36 ASHB shed, good support buildings and three dwellings sold for $5,025,000. (Derek Enright, Bayleys Rotorua; Simon Anderson, Bayleys Tauranga)

Makerua Road, Tokomaru, Horowhenua: 199ha dairy unit milking up to 570 cows through two herringbone sheds plus an adjoining 41.58ha support block sold for $7,500,000. Low input farming system applied during almost 80 years under previous ownership. (Dean & Lea File, Bayleys Feilding)

Old Hautere Road, Te Horo: 129ha split calving 320-cow dairy unit on the flat Hautere plains area sold for $4,575,000. 30 ASHB shed, numerous older outbuildings, access to a good water scheme plus a 3bdrm workers’ cottage. (Dean & Lea File, Bayleys Feilding)

Northbrook Road, Rangiora, Canterbury: 49.54ha spray irrigated platform with 24 ASHB but no dwelling sold for $2,050,000. Farmed with approximately 60ha leased land. (Dean Pugh, Bayleys Canterbury)

Ashburton River Road, Methven, Mid Canterbury: 202.74ha, 500-cow easily-managed unit sold for $9,050,000. Improvements include a 4bdrm house plus staff accommodation, immaculate 30 ASHB shed and a good range of farm buildings. (Pete Hayward, Bayleys Canterbury)


Waipipi Road, Whananki, Northland: 186ha well-appointed drystock property with around 90 percent effective, as-new Fowler home and sea views sold for $1,650,000. (Stewart Ruddell, Bayleys Northland Country)

Owhiwa Road, Parua Bay, Northland: Faithfully-farmed 107ha property with 120 breeding cows, 80-85 percent effective, with 4bdrm home sold for $1,100,000. (Stewart Ruddell, Bayleys Northland Country)

Kai Iwi Lakes Road, Dargaville, Northland: : 217ha run as a breeding finishing unit with older home and woolshed in average condition sold for $2,050,000. (Neil Sinclair, Bayleys Northland Country)

Te Kowhai Road, Gisborne: 295ha of winter-warm highly productive hill country 30 minutes north of Gisborne with 2,800 high performing stock units, sold for $1,950,000. Property has 4bdrm homestead with double garaging. (Simon Bousfield, James Macpherson, Bayleys Gisborne)

Wharekopae Road, Gisborne: 45.65ha finishing/deer unit with 5bdrm home, two-stand woolshed, deer/cattle and sheep yards, hay barn, numerous implement and storage sheds, swimming pool and spa pool sold for $855,000. (Tony Rasmussen, Bayleys Napier; Simon Bousfield, Bayleys Gisborne)

Titirangi Road, Wairoa, Hawkes Bay: ‘Totara Creek’, a 459ha productive breeding/finishing hill country property 27km from Wairoa, sold for $2,450,000. Land is subdivided into 60 paddocks with excellent stock handling facilities and good fertility levels.  (James Macpherson, Bayleys Gisborne; Tony Rasmussen, Bayleys Napier)

State Highway 2, Putorino, Hawke’s Bay: : 52ha property with mainly flat and easy contour in three titles sold for $850,000. Ex-dairy farm with good fertiliser history and would make ideal dairy run-off or beef finishing unit. Improvements include 3bdrm house, double garage, numerous hay/implement sheds and cattle yards. (Tony Rasmussen, Gary Brooks, Bayleys Napier)

Omapere Road, Crownthorpe: 122.9ha versatile flat land around 35km west of Hastings, sold for $2,900,000. The property has irrigation consent, mainly free draining soils and is subdivided into 14 main paddocks. Improvements include 3bdrm house, workshop, two hay barns and cattle/sheep loading yards. (Tony Rasmussen, Glyn Rees-Jones, Bayleys Napier)

Argyll Road, Argyll, Central Hawke’s Bay: 40ha bare land with excellent water, good mix of soil types, established lucerne, and good building platform options sold for $700,000. (Sam Twigg, Andy Hunter, Bayleys Waipukurau)

White Road, Otane, Central Hawke’s Bay: 76ha prime flat land with town water supply, cattle yards and deer shed with power sold for $1,525,000. (Sam Twigg, Andy Hunter, Bayleys Waipukurau)  

Wakarara Road, Ongaonga, Central Hawke’s Bay: 44.39ha flat land including 6ha lucerne, large shed, hay barn and new cattle yards sold for $842,000. (Sam Twigg, Andy Hunter, Bayleys Waipukurau)

Baker Road, Port Waikato: 594ha dry stock farm, running around 3,500 sheep and 450 bulls, sold for $6,231,000. The large parcel of land has a good mix of contour, is in three blocks with strong pastures and has very good infrastructure including 4bdrm main homestead and a second 3bdrm dwelling. (Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

Foxdown Road, Scargill Valley, Canterbury: 391ha breeding and finishing farm running sheep, cattle and deer sold for $4,000,000. (Ben Turner, Mike Adamson, Mark Clyne, Bayleys Canterbury)

Quarry Road, Whiterock, Canterbury: 1,019ha sheep and cattle breeding and finishing property sold for $6,900,000. Well-set-up with around 450ha flats and easy downs and 570ha clean tussock hill. Excellent improvements include three homes, five-stand woolshed with covered yards and very good fencing and tracking. (Ben Turner, Mike Adamson, Mark Clyne, Bayleys Canterbury)

Corner Tramway and Frasers Road, Sheffield, Central Canterbury: 119ha bare land block currently used for cropping, stock finishing and dairy support sold for $3,650,000. (Ben Turner, Mike Adamson, Mark Clyne, Bayleys Canterbury)

Waireka Road, Darfield, Canterbury: 76ha fattening farm, well-subdivided with excellent lanes and a superior home and sheds, sold for $2,600,000. (Ben Turner, Mike Adamson, Bayleys Canterbury)

Hoskyns Road, Selwyn, Canterbury: 121ha cropping or finishing farm with excellent soils, good water and a high standard of improvements sold for $5,400,000. (Ben Turner, Mike Adamson, Mark Clyne, Bayleys Canterbury)

Kivers Road, Burnham, Canterbury: Immaculately presented 147ha bare land property with a very good farming history, excellent stock production and performance from breeding and fattening, complemented by cereal and forage crops, sold for $4,354,000. (Ben Turner, Mike Adamson, Mark Clyne, Bayleys Canterbury)

Barkers Road, Methven, Mid Canterbury: 131.95ha property with flat contour, excellent soils and 5bdrm dwelling plus cottage, sold for $5,353,326. (Jon McAuliffe/Pete Hayward, Bayleys Canterbury)

Mitcham Road, Ashburton, Mid Canterbury: 125.60ha (subject to survey and title to be issued) irrigated bare land unit with flat contour and around 100ha under centre pivot irrigation sold for $5,670,212. Irrigation sourced via local scheme. (Jon McAuliffe/Pete Hayward, Bayleys Canterbury)


Pigs Head Road, Whakapara, Northland: 63ha property with clay and volcanic soils, 20 ASHB shed, large calf rearing implement shed and 5bdrm home sold for $805,000. (Stewart Ruddell, Bayleys Northland Country)

Pigs Head Road, Whakapara, Northland: 57ha in two titles, around 80 percent effective, with a small cottage on a 1ha title sold for $460,000.(Stewart Ruddell, Bayleys Northland Country)

State Highway 14, Whangarei, Northland: 58ha hill country drystock property in two titles with 3bdrm home sold for $700,000.(John Nelley, Lin Norris, Bayleys Northland Country)

Ararua Road, Waiotira, Northland: 35ha grazing property with 6bdrm home sold for $710,000. (Catherine Stewart, Bayleys Northland Country)

Parahi Road, Ruawai, Northland: 34ha bare land with a large dam on the upper hill sold for $200,000. (Catherine Stewart, Bayleys Northland Country)

Hellyer Road, Kaukapakapa: : 400ha property with new 4bdrm home, barns, stock yards and development potential sold for $5,000,000. (Graeme Mann, Karen Asquith Bayleys Orewa)

East Coast Road, Kaiaua: 189ha flat, gentle rolling and medium hill contoured land with around 30ha in native bush and a further 27ha in pines sold for $3,000,000. Sea views, quality improvements with a superior dwelling and handy to Kaiaua boat ramp. (Karl Davis, Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

Ridge Road, Pokeno: 58.13ha of rolling country with natural bush areas and water springs plus 185m² 4bdrm home sold for $1,500,000. (Mark Fourie, Brent Worthington, Bayleys Pukekohe)

Steen Road, Waitakaruru: 23.8ha currently used for grazing calves and dairy replacement stock sold for $715,000. Would also be ideal as a larger scale lifestyle property with mature trees, pond and creek plus 3bdrm home. (Karl Davis, Lee Carter, Bayleys Waikato)

Kopuku Road, Maramarua: Well-established 28.95ha grazing, equine or larger lifestyle property, partially bound by the Maramarua State Forest with a mixture of easy to rolling contour sold for $680,000. Improvements include 3bdrm relocated bungalow, three-bay shed with one lockable bay and sleepout. (Karl Davis, Lee Carter, Bayleys Waikato)

Waikarakia Road, Maramarua: 40.7ha grazing land, 50/50 mix of flat to rolling hill contour and well-fenced with predominantly seven-wire fencing, sold for $640,000. Modern and functional three-bay half-round barn, plus good set of stock yards. (Karl Davis, Lee Carter, Bayleys Waikato)

Taniwha and Cozen Road, Waerenga: 30.3ha easy to rolling contoured land in two titles sold for $1,400,000. Improvements include a large modernised 4bdrm home, a retired cowshed, two utility sheds and an older wool shed. (Karl Davis, Lee Carter, Bayleys Waikato)

Mangawhero Road, Patetonga: 48.38ha quality, flat contoured land suitable for grazing and/or cropping sold for $1,550,000. Modern infrastructure including a four-bay implement shed and functional set of yards with loading race. (Karl Davis, Lee Carter, Bayleys Waikato)

Clothier and Bowler Roads, Te Aroha: Flat 35ha block centrally-raced to 16 paddocks and currently run as part of an adjoining dairy unit sold for $2,319,000. Around 15ha is cropped annually with maize. Buildings include an old dairy shed for storage, large gable three-bay calf rearing shed and a hay barn. (Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

Henry Road, Taupiri: 37ha block in two titles – formerly a dairy unit and currently used for grazing and calf rearing – sold for $1,975,000. The property has two homes, one on each title, with a functional 10-aside dairy, large calf rearing/implement shed and hay barn. (Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

State Highway 26, Hamilton: 38ha block – formerly a horse stud and currently run as a grazing block – sold for $3,240,000. Flat contour, established farm infrastructure, substantial 4bdrm family home plus 2bdrm dwelling. (Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

Gordonton Road, Hamilton: 40ha dairy support block currently run as part of a larger dairy unit sold for $2,450,000. Flat contour and well-raced to around 30 paddocks with an old dairy shed and hay barn. (Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

Te Tuhi Road, Matamata: 60ha block currently grazing beef and dairy heifers sold for $1,350,000. Ideal as a lifestyle property or run-off, the block is divided into 26 well-fenced paddocks with 8-10ha croppable. Infrastructure includes cattle yards, two-bay implement shed plus 3bdrm home with 6x6m garaging and outbuildings. (Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

Buckland Road, Karapiro: 38ha grazing block with rolling countryside and panoramic views sold for $1,400,000. Includes 3bdrm home and 1bdrm unit. (Mike Fraser-Jones, Bayleys Waikato)

Lake Road, Tirau: 80ha predominately flat to easy undulating contour with high quality free-draining soils sold for $4,350,000. Improvements include fully lockable three-bay half-round hay barn, older three-stand woolshed, bore water and good stockyards. (Sam Troughton, Bayleys Waikato)

Pukeora Scenic Road, Waipukurau: 45.46ha of rolling contour land with new sheep and cattle yards, new fencing, lock-up implement shed, hay barn and water supply sold for $715,000. (Sam Twigg, Andy Hunter, Bayleys Waipukurau)

State Highway 2, Takapau, Central Hawke’s Bay: Well-located 101.62ha versatile flat land operating as a dairy support unit sold for $1,960,000. Property lies within the proposed Ruataniwha dam catchment area and has reticulated water, large calf rearing shed, mainly silt loams and is subdivided into 20 main paddocks. (Glyn Rees-Jones, Bayleys Napier; Sam Twigg, Bayleys Waipukurau)

Cooks Tooth Road, Porangahau, Central Hawke’s Bay: 331.03ha easy to steep hill land including 3bdrm Lockwood home with views of the sea sold for $1,250,000. (Andy Hunter, Sam Twigg, Bayleys Waipukurau)

Wimbledon Road, Porangahau, Central Hawke’s Bay: 189ha mixed contour property with a portion of flat land, a grazeable hill and the balance in native bush land sold for $670,000. Property includes 4bdrm home with double garage, woolshed, implement shed and workshop and currently farmed with a mixture of sheep, cattle and horses and producing manuka honey. (Andy Hunter, Sam Twigg, Bayleys Waipukurau)

Konini Street, Tokomaru, Horowhenua: 41.72ha dairy support block utilised in conjunction with the nearby home dairy farm that was sold to a separate party sold for $1,420,000. Very good wintering and supplement-producing property in a good location. (Dean & Lea File, Bayleys Feilding)

‘Kintyre Downs’, State Highway 1, Ward, Marlborough: 422ha with around 120ha deer fenced, and 100ha workable, offering significant upside with the balance medium clean tussock hill country sold for $2,645,000. Renowned for quality livestock and stock health. Improvements include three-stand wool shed with adjoining covered yards, numerous sheds and outbuildings plus 4bdrm character home. (Andy Poswillo, Bayleys Marlborough)

‘Goat Hills’, Inland Road, Canterbury: 1,044ha sheep and beef breeding property consistently running in excess of 7,000 stock units with excellent balance of large hill blocks and cultivated flats, good fencing and access sold for $5,800,000. Improvements include 5bdrm home, five-year-old woolshed, covered yards, modern workshop/vehicle shed, staff quarters, two sets of cattle yards and two sets of sheep yards. (Ben Turner, Mike Adamson, Mark Clyne, Bayleys Canterbury)

‘Swinford’, Birchdale Road, Canterbury: Productive 119ha grazing farm with excellent shelter, versatile soils, good water and excellent paddock access sold for $2,000,000. Offers several stock or crop options, very good shedding and home in established grounds. (Ben Turner, Mike Adamson, Mark Clyne, Bayleys Canterbury)

Hassalls Road, Waikari, North Canterbury: 180.67ha flat to medium hill country for cow wintering and lamb finishing with partially-renovated older home and a full range of support buildings, sold for $2,200,000. (Dean Pugh, Bayleys Canterbury)

Pudding Hill Road, Methven Mid Canterbury: 94.28ha bare land in a higher rainfall location with good soils, access and shelter sold for $3,981,484. (Mike Adamson, Pete Hayward, Bayleys Canterbury)

Tinwald-Westerfield-Mayfield Road, Ashburton, Mid Canterbury: 39.65ha versatile, irrigated land, plus 3bdrm home sold for $1,840,000. (Jon McAuliffe, Bayleys Canterbury)

Swamp Road, Hinds: 80ha bare land block fenced into five paddocks with laneway and excellent soils ideal for dairy support or a cropping unit, sold for $3,600,000. (Mike Preston, George Morris, Bayleys Ashburton)

Earnscleugh Road, Earnscleugh, Central Otago: 399ha flat land, partially irrigated with adequate water to develop further sold in several parcels for a total $8,590,000. Land suitable for horticulture, dairy support and lifestyle, and sale included the 509m2 historic Earnscleugh Station homestead. (David Gubb, BayleysLocations Queenstown)


Puahue Road, Te Awamutu: 22.23ha deer-fenced into 12 paddocks with central race system leading to deer shed or cattle yards sold for $1,310,000. Includes lockable three-bay implement shed, bore water for the farm and house, planted wetland area plus 4bdrm home. (Neville Jacques, Bayleys Waikato)

Tuhaka Station, Moanui Road, Gisborne: 1,077ha including 100ha of deer-fenced land with other clear grazing portions plus regenerating native bush for deer stalking and pig hunting, sold for $1,200,000. Dwellings include 3bdrm manager/caretaker’s cottage, and an eight-bunk and master bedroom hunters' lodge. (James Macpherson, Simon Bousfield, Bayleys Gisborne)

Karaua Road, Gisborne: 11.84ha block of highly fertile land 16km from Gisborne sold for $490,000. Improvements include pump shed, 20hp motor and pump, and 19,000 litre tank. (Simon Bousfield, Bayleys Gisborne)

Miro Miro Station, Kokako Road, Tuai, Hawkes Bay: 615ha close to Waikaremoana and 500m from Te Urewera National Park, sold for $2,215,000. Two dwellings, four-stand woolshed, running around 3,000 stock units, plus Manuka on the property.(Simon Bousfield, Simon Kirkpatrick, Bayleys Gisborne; Tony Rasmussen, Bayleys Napier)

Monks Road, Te Onepu, Otane: 30.12ha of fully deer-fenced land sold for $830,000. Property has 3bdrm home with detached sleep-out, shedding with workshop and chiller, three-bay storage hay barn, wool handling facilities plus new cattle yards. (Sam Twigg, Andy Hunter, Bayleys Waipukurau)

West Coast Road, Sheffield, Canterbury: 68ha cropping farm with excellent soils and outstanding production sold for $2,100,000. (Ben Turner, Mike Adamson, Mark Clyne, Bayleys Canterbury)

For further information about these transactions, please contact the agent(s) listed on 0800 BAYLEYS