Property College

The Bayleys property college has one of the most recognised and respected experienced training teams within the real estate industry.

BPC_Final-Logo_WebWe have helped more agents to reach their full potential in the shortest possible time due to our advanced training systems and up to date real world content that delivers results.

Our aim is to grow our people to increase productivity and profit by delivering cutting edge training resources all produced in-house and modelled on the success of our top performing agents. Our advanced training programmes will help your vendors to achieve amazing results with the sale, lease or management of their property portfolios.

These resources are exclusive to the Property College and will make your journey to success so much more achievable in the shortest time possible. From commercial to country , residential and property management, there is something for everyone within our comprehensive portfolio of specialised training programmes delivered in live workshops and online courses available 24/7

Sales Success Workshop

The Sales Success Workshop is our flagship induction programme designed to introduce you to the Bayleys Brand and set you on the right path to success. The four day course covers marketing, sales skills, negotiation and communication skills along with a range of other topics to make you a better agent. This workshop will arm you with the latest in scripts and skills to send your business into orbit.

Personal Coaching

For those people wanting to fine tune their skills and dramatically increase their income levels, we offer personal coaching sessions with our team of real estate experts, assisting you in goal setting and identifying opportunities to increase your effectiveness in your market place. This service is available nationwide.

Continuing Education Verified Training

In order to retain your license you must complete 20 hours of verified and non verified training. The Property College is a licensed provided on Continuing Education courses and run these throughout the year.

Licensing Courses

In conjunction with Skills we are able to provide the following accredited courses to help further your career within Bayleys.

  • Business Administration L4/5

  • Salesperson Licence

  • Branch Manager License

  • AREINZ License

Conferences and Events

We support our training programmes with a series of conferences and events throughout the year to support our people. We often use international topic experts along with insights from our top performing people to share their knowledge and experience to help take your business to the next level.

  1. Franchise Owners Forum

  2. Commercial Big Day Out

  3. Administrators Day

  4. National Sales Conference

  5. Sales Managers Conference

For further information on the Bayleys Property College, please contact one of our team members and let us help to fast track your career.

Shayne Thompson

Shayne_ThompsonwebAfter 20 years of studying sales psychology, body language and NLP, Shayne Thompson has become a leading authority on selling strategies and techniques in Australasia. His sparkling dynamic presentation style will keep you on your toes with any of his training workshops.

Shayne has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Yellow Pages, BDO Accountants and has been the National Training Manager of Bayleys Real Estate for the past 10 years. He is responsible for the training and development of 1200 sales people for Bayleys Real Estate.

During the past few years, he has helped this corporate to increase their sales revenue from 4 billion dollars to 7 billion dollars with salesperson earning three times the industry average. He has also coached many of the top salespeople to become the top achievers in the industry.

He has written over 50 workbooks on sales, communication and negotiation skills and presented keynote presentations and workshops in 15 countries for a many types of industries.

Shayne says that 20% of sales people are natural born and are instinctive with their sales skills, that is - they are unconsciously competent. For the rest of us we have to learn, and fortunately these skills are teachable to those with the right attitude.

Shayne will demonstrate mastery of NLP, Body language and intuition and will have you glued to every word he says. His secrets of sales mastery and communication will be explained in detail and will show you step by step how to build rapport, develop trust and make more profitable customers for life. His courses will demonstrate only ethical, responsible methods of persuasion and communication that have been approved by the NLP community.

Shayne's interactive displays of psychology, power of influence and persuasion opens a level of human consciousness which is simply jaw dropping.

Aside from the practical applications of his techniques, audience members will be floored when Shayne demonstrates how to read people like an open book and discover their inner most thoughts. Examples include revealing someone's credit card pin or their first ever love in such detail you will swear he's known these people all his life.

His workshops including how to negotiate, communicate, sales psychology, rapport building and presentation skills to help your company to increase the productivity and profits of your team. Each presentation is jam packed full of proven techniques and real world approached that get results.

Email Shayne here if you need any other information regarding any of the above.  Or call 0800 Bayleys.



Here is some feedback from agents who have attended Shayne’s workshops:

Having been in sales positions all over the world, both as a salesperson and sales trainer. Normally after all these years, most sessions are just a different slant on developing the basics and adapting classic trainers like Brian Tracy, Dirk Zellar etc. However Shayne, well done your course was inspirational, truly innovative, fresh, motivational and with all due respect, simple to follow and adapt.
Jon – Residential Sales

I have been involved in Sales for 17years and attended numerous sales courses but never have I come away from a course feeling so totally enthused and motivated. Shayne was an amazing presenter and worked with the team calling on their strengths and showing the importance of working together and learning from others. He has the unique ability to read his participants and to know what they are capable of, and working with them to extend themselves, but not to push them beyond what they are capable of, a rare gift.
Yvonne – Lifestyle Property Sales

I have been in the real estate industry for approx.. six years and have completed both my Branch Managers and AREINZ Certification and to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to sitting through another 4 days of sales training BUT after only a short time on the course I was enjoying myself and was picking up some really valuable information.

As a result of your Sales Psychology training, I am enjoying one of the busiest months ever – In a so called recession - I have closed at least four deals this month all in excess of $1,000,000.
Robert – Residential Sales

Within one week of attending your Sales Psychology Workshop – the following happened
1. Had an auction Campaign listed Property had been on the market for 6 years
2. After submission obtained $6,000 Vendor Funding
3. Had 10 couples through the property in 3 weeks with open homes
4. 3 weeks into the campaign sold cash unconditional.
5. Very happy vendors and very happy purchasers.
6. I delivered invitation to the open homes to the immediate neighbourhood and out of that gained three exclusive agency for a 4 months period.
Lyn – Campbell Residential Sales

The presentations were exciting, entertaining and informative. All the course material was interactive and I was encouraged and mentored in cutting edge sales techniques and principles and shown how to apply them practically in every day situations to be a more effective and successful agent.
Alexander – Commercial Sales

Having been in Real Estate approx. 18 years the thought of taking the time out of a busy schedule to attend a training course was not appealing. Can I sincerely thank you for an outstanding, informative and inspiring few days. The manner of your presentation, the interaction with ourselves and the standard of the material combined to ensure we absorbed an incredible amount of invaluable knowledge.
Simon – Franchise Owner