Training Testimonials

Having been in sales positions all over the world, both as a salesperson and sales trainer. Normally after all these years, most sessions are just a different slant on developing the basics and adapting classic trainers like Brian Tracy, Dirk Zellar etc. However Shayne, well done your course was inspirational, truly innovative, fresh, motivational and with all due respect, simple to follow and adapt.

Jon Laidlaw – Residential Sales

I have been involved in Sales for 17 years and attended numerous sales courses but never have I come away from a course feeling so totally enthused and motivated

Shayne was an amazing presenter and worked with the team calling on their strengths and showing the importance of working together and learning from others. He has the unique ability to read his participants and to know what they are capable of, and working with them to extend themselves, but not to push them beyond what they are capable of, a rare gift.

Yvonne Ballantyne – Lifestyle Property Sales

I have been in the real estate industry for approx six years and have completed both my Branch Managers and AREINZ Certification and to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to sitting through another 4 days of sales training BUT after only a short time on the course I was enjoying myself and was picking up some really valuable information.

As a result of your Sales Psychology training, I am enjoying one of the busiest months ever – In a so called recession - I have closed at least four deals this month all in excess of $1,000,000.

Robert Ashton - AREINZ

Within one week of attending your Sales Psychology Workshop – the following happened

  1. Had an auction Campaign listed Property had been on the market for 6 years

  2. After submission obtained $6,000 Vendor Funding

  3. Had 10 couples through the property in 3 weeks with open homes

  4. 3 weeks into the campaign sold cash unconditional.

  5. Very happy vendors and very happy purchasers.

  6. I delivered invitation to the open homes to the immediate neighbourhood and out of that gained three exclusive agency for a 4 months period.

Lyn Campbell - Residential Sales

The presentations were exciting,entertaining and informative. All the course material was interactive and I was encouraged and mentored in cutting edge sales techniques and principles and shown how to apply them practically in every day situations to be a more effective and successful agent.

Alexander Strever - Commercial Sales & Leasing Consultant

I thought the course was excellent. The content was spot on for a newbie to the industry and the delivery was also top notch. Not many courses are delivered by a ‘professional entertainer’ (is that what a magician calls himself) and as a result I think you bring a much wider repertoire of skills and experiences to the job.

Arron Milne –  Country Sales

Having been in Real Estate approx. 18 years the thought of taking the time out of a busy schedule to attend a training  course was not appealing.

Can i sincerely thank you for an outstanding, informative and inspiring few days. The manner of your presentation, the interaction with ourselves and the standard of the material combined to ensure we absorbed an incredible amount of invaluable knowledge.

Simon Spiller - Franchise Owner

Being one of the more senior in age group, over the years I have attended many many such Sales courses either in Real estate or other industries and I guess I initially thought “Oh no, another ho hum course to go on”  I was wrong. Your enthusiasm was great and there was plenty of fun in it too.

It has been about 7 years since I was last in Real Estate and things have certainly changed since then. We were reluctant in those days to ask for vendor funding  , perhaps not wanting the rejection, however after attending this course, I have changed my thinking and will have no hesitation in asking in the future. If fact have tried since then and it is so easy. (when you know how)

Charlie Bowden - Commercial Sales

Firstly as a newcomer to real estate—but not sales-- let me confirm that what you taught us at the sales course was  absolutely invaluable!

The scope and depth of the information is easy to learn and very useful in doing our jobs to the best of our ability!

John Partridge - Residential Sales

I wanted to leave it a few days before I wrote back to you with my comments about the recent Bayleys Sales Success Training.

The reason for this is that I have attended a number of training throughout my career and what I have found is that after a few days, the learning sort of wear off. It usually doesn’t take long for me, and many others I know, to fall back into the old way of doing things, although I always leave with the best intentions.

However, this training really impacted me. I was very impressed with the content of the programme, but even more with the way it was presented. Lively discussion with a bit of fun is far more likely to yield results than the dry seminar delivery I have previously experienced elsewhere. The speakers you had organized and the way they engaged the participants was great, and I especially appreciated their open, honest, and humble (in most cases) perspective and willingness to assist.

As I mentioned above, the content was relevant, no nonsense, and easy to apply. I particularly found the role plays useful and the teaching methodology of creating discussion really enhanced the learning.

Perhaps the biggest challenge was teaching all that content over 4 days and maintaining your energy. You did that extremely well and having taught sales training before, saw how the participants firstly warmed to you, then trusted you to create the space and allow them to discover the answers themselves. Once again, thank you for your time and dedication to our success.

Michael James - Residential Sales

Can I just pass on my very sincere thanks for you 3 workshops you presented on Monday. I felt the Negotiation Skills Workshop was one of the best ever delivered. The amount of fantastic information in that 44 page handout is without peer and certainly encompasses the best of the very best war stories and scripts from the industry. As you are aware we are in a bit of a changed market down here and this was some of the best advice we could have given both our new and our more experienced people at this time. The effort you have put into this is very much appreciated by us all down here and really will help us going forward.

Thanks again Shayne. It was one of the best days of training I have attended for many years.

Shane O'Brien - FREINZ Country Manager


Training changes attitudes and reaps rewards

A Bayleys salesperson has turned from a Sales Success cynic to a believer after taking the skills learnt on the course and converting them into increased listings and productivity.

Bayleys Howick residential salesperson Alan Tucker was part of a group to complete the most recent Sales Success course, held in Auckland last month. 

With three-and-a-half years’ experience in the industry and already a successful and well-known salesperson in his area, he was cynical about what the course could offer him.

“I joined against my will. I’m ex Ray White and I really didn’t want to go to the course – I thought it would have been a waste of time,” he said. 

During the four-day course however, Alan changed his mind and became a true Bayleys convert.

The tools taught by Bayleys national training manager Shayne Thompson, were basic, practical techniques, which Alan has found immediately effective when working with vendors and buyers. 

Two tools he has found particularly useful have been using a clock as a way of explaining the changing real estate market to vendors and buyers.

He has also used a ‘circles’ analogy when sitting down and discussing problems facing buyers and sellers, and how they can work together to solve them.

“You just break it down into simple, simple things,” he said.

In the month since completing Sales Success Alan is already reaping the rewards of what he’s learnt.

Before, he was struggling to convert appraisals listings. In the month since completing the course, this has turned around and he has converted four appraisals into listings and auctions.

“My productivity and efficiency have also improved dramatically.”

“It’s surreal. It’s also about being more organised and about focusing on my time.”

“I would go back for a refresher course any time. This is for all salespeople. It’s about refocusing the core values and getting back to basics.