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Bayleys Real Estate unveils digital first

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Bayleys Real Estate has launched a new digital advertising service that will allow it to automatically match properties with likely buyers.

Chris Gwin, director of marketing, PR and communications at Bayleys Real Estate, says: “Bayleys is the first New Zealand real estate agency to team up with Facebook and use the social media company's specially developed tool for property ads.

“Bayleys has fully integrated the ad tool with its extensive customer database and listing data, which will allow Facebook to match a Bayleys’ listed property with an actively interested buyer.”

The technology allows Bayleys to retarget in-market buyers with similar properties based on user intent signals from the Bayleys website in an automated fashion ensuring clients get immediate exposure and awareness.

“This means that beyond simply retargeting people who viewed a listing on our website, like most companies do, we use intelligent, automated tool factors in details like the suburb or region a person viewed or other parameters they set for their search such as property type or price, to promote similar listings they may have missed,” says Mr Gwin.

Mr Gwin notes that with advancements in technology, real time personalisation in advertising is the new normal.

“We have been using the power of Facebook advertising for some time now, providing customers with exceptional exposure that is personalised and targeted to their needs.

“When Facebook announced their DPA (dynamic product ad) for real estate in August, pairing our customer data with the powerful reach of Facebook was a logical step.”

Bayleys’ clients across all property sectors can benefit from the power of Facebook’s advertising toolset.

“Our vendors know that Bayleys’ will always look for innovative ways to reach new audiences cost-effectively. Our Facebook advertising tools are yet another way our clients gain an all-important edge in this crowded marketplace,” says Gwin.

“In the space of only a few short years in real estate, the advertising market has become more competitive and fragmented with a diverse range of advertising products available to clients across traditional and digital media.

“The market has been flooded by technologically advanced advertising tools. We are constantly evaluating these offerings to reach highly engaged audiences, however we are cognisant that our clients do not wish to pay multiple times to reach the same buyer pool.

“We know our buyers visit multiple publishers on and offline; our challenge is to understand this journey and deliver the right property to the right person at the right time.

“By working smarter, we can use the power of audience-based advertising (rather than the channel-based advertising) to improve the experience for both our vendors and purchasers.

“Facebook and its powerful AI (artificial intelligence) and insights is a significant step in our digital evolution, and one we know enables us to get the best results for our clients.”

Bayleys is partnering with the best in breed technology companies from around the world to help automate listing advertising for their customers. Facebook and Instagram regularly reach 2.9M and 1.5M New Zealanders respectively.

“Dynamic Product Ads helps businesses efficiently reach the right audience with a relevant message, particularly important in real estate when buyers are considering multiple property listings. Facebook DPA for Real Estate will help Bayleys streamline property marketing and the overall house hunting experience,” says Spencer Bailey, Head of Facebook New Zealand.

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