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Big Clevedon development site up for sale

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Over 80 hectares of land is up for sale next to Clevedon Village with a subdivision plan drawn up for a major commercial and residential development.

The 87.1 hectares of mostly flat land, comprising seven titles, is divided by Papakura Clevedon Rd. The land runs between the western edge of Clevedon Village and the Taitaia Stream with frontage to Twilight Rd as well as Papakura-Clevedon Rd.

Being marketed by John Algie and Peter Sullivan of Bayleys Realty Group, the property is for sale by tender closing on April 27.

Algie says the property, which is currently used for farming, is a central part of the 847ha Unitary Plan - Clevedon Precinct which provides the zoning to govern future development of the area.

“This offering presents a massive development opportunity with a comprehensive proposed subdivision plan already prepared for lodging with Auckland Council,” says Algie. “This has been carefully designed to take into consideration not only the Clevedon Precinct zoning and the design style sought by the local business association, but also the ethos of what makes Clevedon so special and charming.”

The subdivision plan provides for the creation of about 8200 sq m of additional commercial space in Clevedon Village and approximately 350 sections of varying sizes set around two man- made lakes which will also act as a stormwater management ponds, says Algie..

“There will be walking, cycling and horse riding trails connecting various parts of the scheme with the village, other developments and Clevedon facilities.  A 20 metre stream esplanade reserve will be provided and the vendors have been planting some of these areas with native bush in preparation for the development.

“Part of the site is also a flood plain, which can’t be built upon, and drains into the Wairoa River which runs into the Firth of Thames. The flood plain did its job effectively in the recent unprecedented downpour that Auckland experienced”

Algie says the vendors have joined with other neighbouring land owners to form a company called Clevedon Infrastructure Services Limited (CISL) which has prepared a design for delivery of waste water removal and water supply to Clevedon by mid 2019.

Peter Sullivan says like many of the rural areas surrounding Auckland, the Clevedon Precinct has been identified as an area of  significant future growth as strong demand continues for new residential property development, and accompanying commercial services,  to provide for the Auckland region’s rapidly growing population.

“In this regard Clevedon has many major advantages being centrally located in the Wairoa Valley, within 30 kilometres of  the airport and around 20 kilometres from central Manukau, Botany Town Centre and Pine Harbour and with good access to several beaches and the Firth of Thames. It is also only 13 kilometres to Papakura with its motorway and rail connections,” says Sullivan.

“However, Clevedon won’t be undergoing the same highly intensive, multi-unit residential or large-scale commercial development that is occurring in many other parts of Auckland.  The whole sub region has maintained a very attractive semi-rural style and particular care has been taken to retain this feel in the Clevedon Precinct zoning which is among the new Unitary Plan’s least intensive.”

The commercial zoning governing the proposed expansion of Clevedon Village is Neighbourhood Centre, which has a three storey height limit and allows for residential on upper floors. Smaller scale retail and office premises are permitted.

The residential zoning is Single Housing which permits one residence per section plus a minor dwelling of up to 55 sq m. Visitor accommodation and care centres accommodating up to 10 people are also a permitted activity. Buildings can be no higher than eight metres (two storeys).

John Algie says the first stage of the proposed subdivision would involve the expansion of retail and other commercial services premises in Clevedon village and the adjoining development of 91 sections around the larger of the two lakes, providing residents with easy access to the village centre. The second stage of residential development would be further south on the opposite side of Papakura-ClevedonRd.

“Obviously it’s a very large project so it would require a developer with a long-term horizon. There has been significant interest in the land from a number of major development and building companies some of whom are undertaking due diligence investigations at the moment.”

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