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New owners poised to scoop up landmark takeaway and restaurant

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A ‘landmark’ suburban fish and chip shop and restaurant which has a long history of serving up deep fried delicacies has been placed on the market for sale.

Westshore Fish Café in the Napier suburb of Westshore has been pulling in loyal punters for over four decades – serving up a full range of seafood options to both dine-in or takeaway customers.

Current owners Mike and Desiree Persen who have been growing their business steadily over the past five years both have fond memories of being customers at the Westshore Fish Supply as teenagers. Westshore is Napier’s northernmost peninsula suburb – with the expansive beach on the eastern side, and an inner-harbour eco’ wetland on the western boundary.

Now the Westshore Fish Café business is being marketed for sale by negotiation through Bayleys Hawke’s Bay. Salesperson Sam MacDonald said the well-known eatery benefited from being both and on and off-premise operation “serving two portions of the market… literally.”

“There are few other fish and chip outlets like Westshore Fish Café in Hawke’s Bay which are in a position to capitalise on dual segments of the fast food and hospitality markets simultaneously all year ‘round,” Mr MacDonald said.

“Forty years is a long-time in the fish and chip scene anywhere in New Zealand – and Westshore Fish Café’s longevity is testament to the lasting appeal and reputation of the venue supported by its service offerings.

“For example, in the warmer months, Westshore’s location means it’s conveniently positioned for locals to pop in for their takeaways to enjoy picnic-style on the nearby dual sea foreshores just a hundred or so metres away.

“Conversely in winter, the restaurant draws in clientele dining a-la-carte. The menu and décor has deliberately been designed to service a regular ‘neighbourhood’ customer-base rather than aiming its offering at the upmarket tourist sectors catered for in Napier’s central city and Ahuriri hospitality hubs.”

Westshore Fish Café is licensed to serve 32 patrons in its restaurant area – with the venue open Tuesday to Sunday for dinners, and Thursday to Sunday for lunches. The business employs a full-time manager and eight rostered part-time staff across the kitchen and front-of-house sectors. It’s menus are showcased in the guest services compendiums of Westshore’s motels, and unlike many fish and chip shops, it runs a dedicated website.

Westshore Fish Café’s revenues in the 2017/2018 financial year are up 29.3 percent on the 2015/2016 financial year. Concurrently, net profit generated is also up 52.8 percent over the same comparative period.

“Mike and Desiree’s business ethos has been to source the best quality produce available, rather than the cheapest. While this may mean menu items are slightly more expensive at Westshore than what consumers would pay at other fish and chip, the numbers clearly show that customers are prepared to pay for quality,” Mr MacDonald said.

“For example, Westshore’s fish offering features quality catches such as John Dory, gurnard, tarakihi, cod, and snapper, rather than the cheaper inferior species of Vietnamese basa or lemon fish… shark.

“That strategy is successfully sustained by the affluent Westshore resident demographic, which is generally in the upper income echelons for Napier as a whole. And with the convenience of substantial parking immediately outside the venue, it really is a ‘neighbourhood’ destination supported by strong repeat business.”

Chattels included in the Westshore Fish Cafe business sale include the commercial-grade food preparation and cooking equipment, the walk-in refrigeration and freezer units, tableware, glasses, crockery, and bar fit-out.

The business is currently on a three year lease running through to 2020 at its location in 112A Charles Street, with a further three year right of renewal. It is located within a small block of suburban shops.

Mr MacDonald said the interior lay-out of Westshore Fish Café allowed for the kitchen to service both on and off-premise orders from the same kitchen to maximise efficiency.

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