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Ruapehu Business Park, Stage 1 commercialisation set to take off

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Palmerston North Airport has engaged the services of Bayleys Real Estate to manage the commercialisation of Stage 1 land (Zones A & C) of Ruapehu Business Park.

The land is located directly across from the airport, on Airport Drive and Railway Road. Stage 1 is the first of a series of exciting new developments for Ruapehu Business Park.

Stage 1, with a land area of 6.5ha includes freehold options, land lease and design build options available to suit individual tenant requirements.

Zone A, less than one minute to the airport terminal, and is perfect for hospitality (motel site) and retail businesses (retail precinct) looking to locate to a vibrant environment to service the traffic travelling along Airport Drive, Airport users, and local residents.

The Park already includes Stage 1 of the new Massey University School of Aviation Training Facility. Zone A sites range in size between 2,000 square metres and 5,000 square metres with both freehold and leasehold options available. lease or sale.

Zone C, is located on the corner of Airport Drive and Railway Road, also less than 1 minute to the airport terminal, and 10 minutes from Palmerston North CBD. Zone C is an ideal site for light industrial businesses, including the agricultural sector, vehicle sales and the service industry, looking to locate themselves in a high profile area, adjacent to a busy traffic flow. Options for leasing include land only or land and building leases.

Two lots in Zone C have been placed on the market for sale by tender through Bayleys Palmerston North, with tenders closing at 4pm on June 28th, 2018. Salesperson Karl Cameron is managing the campaign.

A conceptual overlay plan for the site shows the two plots for sale are 2,720 and 2,900 square metres, while the eight leasable plots range in size from 1,610 square metres to 3,220 square metres in Zone C. The sections will be accessible from a small cul-de-sac coming off Airport Drive.

“As a virtual ‘blank canvas’ development opportunity, these parcels of land offer total flexibility from a design and build aspect, as well as affordability from their location on the periphery of Palmerston North’s current urban boundaries,” Mr Cameron said.

The Ruapehu Business Park precinct is classified as airport zone under Palmerston North City Council’s district plan. The classification allows for the building of airport support operations including freight and passengers; aviation, educational and training facilities; aircraft maintenance and repair premises; retailing; warehousing; fuel supply outlets; food and beverage and hospitality entities; car parking and storage; and air ambulance services.

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