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An explosive charity gathering

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While the Christchurch City Council encouraged on-lookers to stay at home last Sunday, a lucky few were treated to a catered bird’ s eye view of the implosion of the former Christchurch police station.

During a recent fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House, licensee Rosemarie de Jong purchased a breakfast for ten to watch the spectacle unfold from the top-floor of the House in Christchurch’s city centre and also offer the guests a tour of the facility.


The event was moved from Saturday morning to Sunday evening at 5pm due to a “machinery breakdown”. Guests were greeted at the House with warm hospitality from volunteer staff and treated to finger food and drinks to watch the event unfold.




The 15 story Hereford Street building, which is owned by Ngai Tahu Justice Holdings was designed by the Ministry of Works in the late 1960s and built in the early '70s. It was demolished by Ceres New Zealand because of damage it sustained after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. It took just eight seconds, 100kg of magnum explosive cartridges, 225 non-electric detonators and 2000 meters of detonating cord to bring down the former police station in Christchurch.

The explosives created quite a racket in the city centre and the scene didn’t disappoint the Ronald McDonald guests: “It shook thewindows and the ground. It looked like it was all in slow motion!” said one guest.

“Thank you for very much for the invitation to the implosion, Rosemarie. I have watched my phone video a few times since, it was quite surreal!” said another guest.

Click here to find out more about the Ronald McDonald House in Christchurch.

Sources: NZ Herald

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