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Bayleys markets The Block NZ houses for sale for the fourth year running

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In an age where digital fame can be cultivated from the lounge couch, selling houses is one realm where traditional marketing methods continue to hold their own.

Whether it’s putting a listing on, a post on Facebook, or one of the many thousands of other websites competing for eyeballs, it is hard to beat trusted marketing brands and tried-and-true marketing techniques which have led to decades of successful real estate sales, and continue to do so today.

And after the fresh coats of paint have dried on the dwellings being renovated on The Block NZ, the focus will quickly move from the nuances of the interior design choices to the potential price tags on the four respective houses.

It’s at this point where the expertise, savvy, and extensive networks within Bayleys Real Estate really begin to shine.

Bayleys has been the real estate sales force behind the marketing of all 12 The Block NZ homes since the series’ first season in 2012.

Viewers were sitting on the edge of their seats through the live auction broadcasts when Libby and Ben made more than $157,000 profit on the property they were working on in series one. When Alice and Caleb took out the top spot on series two. And when season three winners Alex and Corban gave fellow competitors Quinn and Ben $30,000.

Throughout, Bayleys was there fuelling desire for the properties and marketing them to the widest possible potential buyer audience.

Now in its fourth season, the teams on The Block NZ are once again fighting it out. Being nestled in the middle of the city’s red-hot property market, the nation is still watching.

It’s still perfect selling conditions in the Auckland residential property market - with the city’s growing population increasing both organically and through net migration, and the resulting demand for residential property within the metropolitan urban area continuing to stoke the fire.

Auckland house prices have risen by 24 percent over the past year. Such figures are making history in the housing market – with Bayleys at the forefront of marketing homes in the city through an arsenal of marketing tools.

These tools are a vital ingredient for successfully selling a property - as evidenced in The Block NZ.

Heading up the Bayleys sales teams is Bayleys Sandringham and Mt Eden sales manager Jonathan Sissons who has been in the business for years, and is recognised as a top performing sales professional with an innate understanding of the real estate process.

Jonathan said he was excited to watch the four competing teams overcome the challenges presented in doing up their respective properties, making the most of what they have, and creating a home that buyers would be proud to own.

Lending this expertise to the teams on The Block NZ has highlighted how critical this element is, especially as the teams grapple with the practicalities of renovating and the nitty-gritty financial details.

On auction day, Jonathan hands over the reins to the Bayleys team of auctioneers, who drum up the support, and drive the bidding higher.


Bayleys’ auctioneers are masters of working crowds, entertaining them, relaxing them, and ultimately stoking competition and creating urgency to secure the property. To date, they have a 100 percent success rate in selling all of The Block NZ homes from the previous three seasons.

The Bayleys auction team of Daniel Coulson, Richard Valintine, Sabine Davison and Blair Cashmore are also able to swiftly paint a picture of the property - mentally placing a room of potential buyers inside the house, and giving them a sense of how it would feel to own and live inside the home.

The ability of the Bayleys auction team to ‘sell the dream’ has been evident in all seasons of The Block NZ - allowing buyers to soak up the atmosphere and imagine their lives in the neighbourhoods featured in the shows.

From a vendor’s perspective, here’s how Bayleys’ call-encompassing marketing expertise has added up for the winners over the years - $157,000 profit for Libby and Ben in season one, $181,000 for Alice and Caleb in season two, and $227,000 for Alex and Corban in season three.

The role of the auctioneer is more than just calling out numbers, it’s about negotiation and engaging buyers… and all under immense pressure under the gaze of a live, national TV audience.

As technology evolves, and digital media tools become increasingly prevalent, Bayleys’ team of sales professionals are constantly building on their traditional marketing methods to keep vendors’ properties in front of buyer audiences - wherever those buyer audiences are.

With the current series of The Block NZ marching on via our TV screens, and auction day next month looming larger, the cohesive Bayleys legion of salespeople, auctioneers, and marketers, will showcase yet another example of how they, as a team, make homeownership and investment opportunities achievable in Auckland.

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