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Buyers, Sellers, Auctioneers get ready for October’s Canterbury Big Call

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The Spring edition of Bayleys’ auction extravaganza, the Big Call, will see Canterbury properties go under the hammer on Friday 13 October.

Conor Patten - Auctioneer - Bayleys Big Call Canterbury October 2017
Conor Patton calls a high-energy auction for a packed Deans Avenue auction room in September.

One of the most exciting auction events on the calendar, the occasion brings together vendors and purchasers from across our region for a day of intense buying and selling. 

Conor Patton, the new Bayleys chief auctioneer, is looking forward to the dynamic event that achieves results. “There’s a lot of anticipation about the Big Call. People are wanting to make decisions, so it’s a good environment to be in.”

To manage demand on the day, Bayleys Canterbury auctioneer Ben Harris, as well as an auctioneer fromBayleys Realty Group in Auckland, will take turns calling auctions.

Conor is focused on being as transparent as possible about the auction process. “There won’t be unnecessary surprises for buyers or sellers,” he says. “It can be a nerve-wracking time, so the agents will be keeping everyone updated with what’s happening and what to expect.”

“I’m also really happy to have a conversation with buyers beforehand to let them know the process. When they know what to expect, it takes the nerves away.”

Richard Norris, Christchurch Residential Sales Manager, says the Big Call presents a great opportunity for buyers.  “Vendors have been working towards this day for months and are motivated to sell. Buyers can bid with confidence knowing that the vendor wants their property sold on that day,” he says. 

“Auctions are a great way for buyers and sellers as both can see exactly what’s happening – who is bidding and what they’re willing to pay. No ‘closed envelopes’ or ‘make your best shot’ type of bidding – it’s a very transparent process.”

As we come into spring and summer, Conor says there will be an increase in buyer activity, and more listings on the market. This means a good marketing package is required to stand out from the pack.

Bayleys has this covered for the Big Call, with the event being supported by a heavily discounted local and national marketing campaign.

The Big Call will be advertised across several platforms – including real estate publications, radio, online, and social media – to make sure properties are seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

 Conor Patten - Auctioneer - Bayleys Big Call Canterbury October 2017
Bayleys Canterbury chief auctioneer, Conor Patton.


Conor’s top tips for successful bidding

1. Whether you’re in the market as a buyer, or a seller, try and go to another auction, leading up to the event, so you know what to expect

2. The three essentials: Get there with plenty of time, do your homework, and keep in touch with your agent

3. No-one has a blank cheque but people need to have a range they’re comfortable with. And, if it comes down to $500 increments, what figure would they be prepared to pay?

4. Whatever your budget, you want to bid confidently, quickly and loudly, and give the impression you could continue bidding forever;

5. Most of all, be prepared.

 Bayleys Big Call October 2017

The Big Call will be held on Friday 13 October, starting at 11am in the Bayleys Canterbury auction rooms, 3 Deans Ave, Riccarton.

Want to list your property for this or future auction events? Get in touch via a Bayleys Canterbury office today.

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