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Cast the net wider to make the big catch possible

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In today's competitive market, it is simply not enough to nail a sign in the ground and wait for the buyers to turn up with their cheque books.

Each step on the property ladder represents a step towards the dream property and Bayleys is committed to that journey as much its clients. Bayleys salespeople invest in the creation of their clients’ futures and use everything in their power to open up possibilities for them to achieve their goals.

Bayleys salespeople understand that the true value of a property is what someone is willing to pay for it. And the only way to realise the potential value of a property is to get it in front of as many potential buyers as possible. That means taking a multi-pronged approach encompassing all of the marketing mediums available and reaching far beyond the corner dairy to achieve a sale.

Bayleys achieves unprecedented reach in credit to its dedicated marketing team who deliver customised and targeted campaigns on behalf of clients. The full marketing arsenal includes Property Picks, an opportunity available exclusively through Bayleys that guarantees a client’s property is featured in prime position on the home page of the New Zealand Herald website. On an average business day, the New Zealand Herald website nets around 360,000 unique browsers and receives around 2.4 million page views of content per day.

Bayleys’ extensive client databases are another resource used to showcase properties to motivated buyers, and the use of signage, mail drops, and flyers ensures the traditional marketing bases are covered.

Buyers are increasingly basing their hunt for property online, citing convenience and the ability to customise searches to their specific needs and budgets. Bayleys has long since recognised the need to incorporate a sophisticated online campaign into the marketing schedule and knows how to attract the right buyers to a property. Bayleys’ web-based marketing is concentrated within five leading property websites that have been proven to reach the most buyers in the most cost-effective way for vendors.

Industry leading magazines produced in-house for Bayleys represent another exclusive marketing opportunity for vendors. Flagship publications such as Preview, Country and Waterfront regularly feature the latest properties to be listed with Bayleys alongside cutting edge articles and commentary from industry experts. The magazines are distributed to a targeted database of past, current and prospective clients, and are available to the wider public from a number of collection points at Bayleys offices around the country.

Editorial opportunities in local, regional and national media are created by a team of public relations experts on selected properties. Around 99 percent of all media releases produced by the Bayleys public relations team are published by at least one media outlet, with the average PR campaign generating around $4000 to $5000 worth of prime media coverage. Close analysis of past campaigns suggests an increase of as much as 20 percent in the sales value of a property can be achieved through the use of PR.

International interest in New Zealand property is reaching record levels and there has never been a stronger case for global marketing than now. Bayleys has a long established alliance with Christies International Real Estate facilitating exposure of Bayleys’ properties to a global audience via more than 650 overseas offices. Christies International Real Estate is renowned for its database of high net worth buyers and affiliates otherwise beyond reach here in New Zealand. Working in conjunction with a specialised team of international salespeople fluent in a diverse range of languages and dialects, Bayleys is able to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers to achieve results for its clients.

Each year Bayleys salespeople handle around $6.1 billion worth of property and complete more than 8,151 sales and leasing transactions. While the monetary value of the sale is often the focus in this industry, Bayleys maintains that the true value is in the people and the relationships forged.

It’s a world of possibilities out there, so it’s great to know that Bayleys can provide all of the market knowledge, know how and support you need to get the results you want.

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