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Crusaders learn new skills with Bayleys Canterbury

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February marked the start of the Super Rugby season, but for two Crusaders, March could have signaled the start of a post-rugby career in real estate.

Bayleys Canterbury hosted two players in March as part of a career development programme. The pair spent a day learning the ropes of real estate with some of Bayleys’ most experienced agents.

They were taught the basics of real estate, including the secrets to marketing a property, an overview of the auction process and how to prepare important paperwork.

Pete Whalan, General Manager Bayleys Canterbury, said he enjoyed being able to “pass on some skills to the boys”. “The Crusaders are a very talented team, and so is the Bayleys Canterbury team. We definitely put them through their paces.”

Virginia Le Bas, the Crusaders’ Professional Development Manager, said shadowing the Bayleys team for a day was a unique opportunity for players to gain experience and skills that they can draw upon, after their time in competitive rugby.

“They gained an insight into the roles and responsibilities of the Bayleys team, saw how other high performing teams operate, and learnt from successful business people. That knowledge benefits themselves, their families, the community and New Zealand.”

Bayleys Canterbury has sponsored the Crusaders for more than four years. “It has been a particularly good relationship for us because we are both so focused on Canterbury and are quietly committed to pursuing excellence,” Pete Whalan said.

“Through our sponsorship, we have the opportunity to host our clients at home games and share tickets with staff, so it’s a real win-win and a chance for us to give back.”

Bayleys and the Crusaders will continue to work closely throughout the year. A workshop will be held by the Crusaders coaching staff, giving tips about teamwork and leadership to the Bayleys team, early this year. The Crusaders will also be partnering with Bayleys on a social media campaign in June.

With the season underway, the Bayleys team are proud to wear the red and black in support of their favourite team.

“We’re in this for the long haul. Our staff really get behind the Crusaders – it’s fantastic.”

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