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MARKETBEAT - North Shore Residential

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A strongly performing economy, which has lead to job creation, low interest rates, a booming population and a housing shortage have combined to drive property values to record levels across the North Shore over 2014.

The North Shore’s residential median price reached $800,000 for the first time ever in the December 2014 quarter according to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). This equates to a rise of $80,000 or 11% from 12 months earlier and $175,000 or 28% increase from December 2012 quarter. Read more...


Spot Light on Long Bay

Long Bay, located at the northern end of the East Coast Bays on Auckland’s North Shore has seen its population increased sharply over recent years. Between the census of 2006 and 2013 its population increased by 14.8%, with further significant growth anticipated in the area following completion of the new Todd Property Long Bay subdivision. Read more...


Spot Light on Coatesville / Riverhead

Coatesville and surrounds is a model demonstration of the suburb to lifestyle property movement in the North Shore. The area offers close proximity to Auckland’s North Shore suburbs and motorway but is far enough away from the hustle and bustle to have a rural feel and community. The community has a decile 10 primary school with top rated secondary schools in nearby suburbs. Latest census figures show that the greater Coatesville area population increased 7.4% compared with 5.3% growth in the Devonport/Takapuna area. Residents’ income brackets in the Coatesville area are generally higher than the rest of Auckland with 41.4% of people earning greater than $50,000 compared with 29.2% of Auckland residents earning in that bracket. Read more...

The Next Hot Spot

As illustrated earlier, North Shore property values have lifted sharply since 2010 when the property markets began their post GFC recovery.

Interestingly, in contrast to what may have been expected, value growth within some of the Shore’s more affluent suburbs has kept pace with those which offered more affordable housing in 2010. Read more...

Read the full MARKETBEAT report here.


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