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New Obligations for Landlords from July 1st

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The Government has passed the amendment to the Residential Tenancies Act which requires landlords to offer safer and healthier rental properties to tenants, with further landlord obligations proposed for this year.

Matt Curtis, Director of Bayleys Property Management, said they have been waiting patiently for the bill to be passed.

“The amendment bill had its first hearing many months ago and was finally passed at the start of June giving landlords just one month to prepare for the changes," he said.

“This should come as no surprise to most property management companies. In preparation, Bayleys Property Management has been assessing properties for the past 6 months,” said Matt.

The basic requirements are:

1. To ensure that all rental properties have working smoke alarms.

If they don’t currently have working smoke alarms or the smoke alarms expire, the alarms are to be replaced with tamper-proof 10-year models.

2. New insulations requirements for all rental properties.

While properties don’t need to be up to the required standard until 1 July 2019, from 1 July this year all new tenancy agreements must state the level of insulation of the property. The means tenants are much better informed and can make better decisions on which property they wish to rent.

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Further increases in landlord obligations are proposed for this year.

Labour successfully had the first reading of its Health Homes Guarantee Bill passed after the Maori Party and United Future voted in favour of it, with the Bill passing its first reading by one vote.

Potential increases to landlord obligations could set minimum standards for the following: 

  • Levels of heating

  • Levels of ventilation

  • Drainage of a property

  • Maintaining a sufficient temperature

  • Draught stopping

Contact Bayleys Property Management Director Matt Curtis on 03 375 4800 for queries on any of these new changes.

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