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Port Hills Residents Offered Final Crown Total

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The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) has announced the final total for the acceptance of the Port Hills red zone voluntary Crown offer.

Properties in Christchurch’s Port Hills were zoned based on potential risk of life due to land slip, cliff collapse or rock fall. The owners of these properties who could avail of this Crown offer were:

1. Insured residential properties

2. Insured residential properties which are still under construction

3. Insured and non-residential properties owned by not-for-profit organizations

Other property owners of vacant, commercial or uninsured properties are yet to receive a crown offer.

CERA says today that 407 of the 455 property owners eligible for the Crown offer in these red zone areas have accepted the offer. 

CERA Chief Executive John Ombler states:  “We knew that some property owners would not accept the voluntary offer as they are investigating rock fall mitigation options with Christchurch City Council, or had already told us they had made a decision not to accept the offer. However 89% of property owners accepted the offer. Some property owners waited until the day of the offer expiry to provide a signed agreement, in order to maximise the time for settlement, as Port Hills property owners who accept the Crown offer have six weeks to provide vacant possession and settle with the Crown.”

“As the acting Chief Executive of CERA, I have the ability to grant short settlement extensions on a case by case basis, based on vulnerability and individual circumstances.

Christchurch Port Hills

If property owners intend to apply for a settlement extension, they need to submit a request to CERA by 31 March 2015.”

Later in 2015, it is anticipated that public engagement on the future use of Christchurch red zones will begin.

Source: Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

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