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Technological first for online real estate listing in Canterbury

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Canterbury’s first property listing with 3D plans went live this week, marking a change in how we will view real estate online in the future.

Technological First for Real Estate

The listing uses new technology which brings property floor plans to life, using 3D imaging software.  The technology has been brought to Christchurch by Bayleys Canterbury’s Urszula Bedggood, who saw the software’s potential while at the Australian Real Estate Conference earlier this year.

 “I could immediately see the potential for buyers and sellers in this marketing tool.  It allows people to visualise the property easily, and gives sellers a way of getting their home to stand out online with higher online interaction from potential buyers” says Bedggood.

 The software takes a flat floor plan and adds depth and levels.  The process allows sellers and their agents to neutralise a property, letting prospective buyers see past existing décor and furniture to the property’s underlying potential.  A secondary feature allows buyers to place furniture in the rooms as part of assessing how the property will work for them.   

 A vast majority of buyers start their property search online and the 3D listings are already paying dividends overseas. 

 “The 3D plans are helping houses stand out from the crowd” says Vernon Williams, from Snaploader, the software firm behind the 3D plan technology. “We’re finding that potential buyers are spending much longer looking at listings with 3D floor plans, because they’re getting more valuable information about the property.  It has actually resulted in a higher number of people at open homes, and those people are pre-qualified because they’re visiting a property that they have already seen will work for them.” 

Technological First for Real Estate 2

For Bedggood, it’s about delivering driving innovation in the industry to deliver extra value to clients.  “Buyers and sellers are increasingly time poor” she says. “The software allows buyers to only visit homes that meet their requirements.  We’re also expecting that the ability to place furniture will give them confidence in deciding to purchase, and reduce the number of times they need to re-visit a property to check measurements and room specifications.”

It’s also beneficial for out-of-region buyers looking to move into the area and Bedggood expects this will be particularly relevant to rural clients whose properties provide challenges with timely access.  In some cases, it will work hand-in-hand with the growth in video walk-throughs for online property listings.

The increasing use of technology provides big opportunities for sellers, according to Bedggood.  “Time saving is a big deal” she says “but actually, as a real estate agent, we want to create a perfect match between a buyer and a property, to deliver the best value to both parties. New technology has the capacity to improve these outcomes in an industry where high quality marketing is becoming essential to make your property stand out and enable agents to deliver outstanding results.”

Average time spent viewing the 3D plans is over 7 minutes. 

The listing can be seen at here, and 3D imaging software here. 

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