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The rise of digital marketing

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Darwin, Russel and Lamarck – three brilliant pioneers of evolutionary thought, yet they couldn’t have possibly foreseen the implications of their ideas for business in the 21st century.

In a world where the rate of change far outpaces that of the industrial revolution, and ground-breaking new technology is available by the minute, the survival of a business increasingly depends on their ability to adapt, understand and utilise global trends and the latest industry tools.

Over the past three decades, the rise of digital technology has had huge implications for industry across the board – real estate included. It has changed the face of customer service, transforming the way salespeople not only attract, but interact and inform their clients.

Widely considered industry innovators, Bayleys residential marketing division is working hard to stay ahead of the curve; consistently consulting with digital experts, researching products, trends and analysing client interaction – all to provide the best possible environment for our customers to buy and sell.

The recent overhaul of our Bayleys website for example has seen a sleek new design incorporated with improved search functionality, the latest sector-specific information, multimedia, video-content and above all else, a user-friendly mobile environment – because more of you than ever before access this information on your smart-phones and devices.

As forecasts for 2018 show that 80 percent of all content will be viewed online, with 70 percent of this through video footage, times are a’ changing, and Bayleys is leading the charge.

The new website went live in August of last year and we are proudly reporting 1.5 million page views in a typical month, with more than three thousand residential listings to browse at any given time – there is plenty to keep viewers coming back.

Entering into unchartered territory, the rise of digital technology is beginning to renovate the global corporate environment. With mobile access and communication available virtually anywhere, at any time, working remotely has never been a more acceptable option – changing the face of the traditional work day.

Bayleys clients are at the forefront of these developments, demanding choice, variety and an exclusivity that we are all too happy to provide.

The first real estate agency to offer Air New Zealand Airpoints to our sellers, we also lead the way with our digital marketing packages as the only realtors to secure the coveted homepage carousel positions on the New Zealand Herald and websites – exposing your property to more than 1.2 million unique visitors every week.

Taking a look around – advertising dominates our every-day environment. With the average consumer subjected to more than 2,900 advertising messages each day, as businesses we have to work harder to reach those who matter with information they need.

Championing the digital marketing revolution, Bayleys top salesperson Rebecca Kristoffersen of Motueka realised the importance of adapting her business to suit a changing landscape back in 2014.

After conducting 18 months of independent analysis researching buyer behaviour, sale results and return on investment, Rebecca found that a staggering portion of her buyers (up to 95 percent) first spotted their future property online.

Armed with this information, Rebecca has transformed her business.

She targets social media channels – because she knows 2.8 million Kiwis are on Facebook, and more than half her business has developed through this platform alone.

She advocates for premium digital packages including and targeted packages – channels which boast the widest target audience for real estate in New Zealand.

And, perhaps most importantly, she utilises technology to constantly track, monitor and evolve her marketing to ensure not a cent of a campaign budget goes to waste.

All strategies which have seen her business triple since their implementation - achieving record sale prices, commission rates and cutting down days spent on the market.

“In such a competitive industry, where salespeople are constantly reducing their commission to win the listing, it’s vital that I provide a service in which my clients find value. I’ve found that sellers are in fact willing to pay a higher commission for the very best service which includes digital resources they don’t have access to” says Rebecca of her success.

Rebecca is a progressive new breed of sales agent, and Bayleys is full of them. Equipped with a customer-centric approach to business, and the tools to keep her clients a step ahead, digital marketing has allowed her properties to reach a wider and more qualified audience, ultimately achieving better results for her sellers.

Fast, easy and non-invasive, digital marketing and the more innovative aspects such as geo-tagging, social media and mobile applications are the fastest growing sector in information technology. They allow the consumer to direct their own journey – and with 64 percent of our customers saying that experience is more important than price, the introduction of these elements to our residential marketing packages are making a tangible difference to the ultimate sale time, and price of your property.

Trained to lead the digital charge, Bayleys offers our clients an abundance of choice when it comes to their marketing options. From the plethora of original content available in print and on-line through Preview, Waterfront and Country Magazines, to engaging social media, video-blogging and live-streaming events – our salespeople have the tools, and the knowledge to create bespoke marketing packages, and ultimately locate the perfect buyer for your place.

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